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Z.i. la Bégaudière 3, rue des électriciens, 85800 Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
Telephone +33 2 51556078
Fax +33 2 51556077

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Sun Protection / Bimini Tops / Accessories

About us

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Designer & manufacturer of protective equipment for all types of boats
Pioneer and leader in Europe, NVequipment designs and manufactures customised equipment for protection and comfort for all navigation and boat types, for builders, retailers and renters. The Vendée-based company is today the only European player with the ability to combine industrial efficiency and expert craftsmanship. NV products protect, customise and add a touch of style and comfort to sailing boats.

- PIONEER & CREATOR - from the 1st sprayhood and 1st bimini
The story of NV (Normandie Voile), launched in 1977 by a couple with a passion for sailing, Jean-Yves and Josette Chevalier, began as a craft business in Ouistreham in Normandy.

Since they were first and foremost seafarers, they decided to create fittings and equipment, with the goal of better protecting themselves aboard and so they could fully indulge in their passion for the sea. It was thus that Jean-Yves Chevalier invented the 1st sprayhood for his own usage on his yacht in 1986, which he would then further develop into three different sizes to be distributed among a network of distributors.

In 1990, NVequipment made the strategic choice to abandon its sail-making activity in order to fully concentrate on designing and manufacturing protective accessories for boats. The company then set up in Vendée to begin an active collaboration with French boat builders, which gave birth to the 1st bimini top, created in 1992 for one of the largest rental fleets.

- ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE - in your passion for the sea
Through its constant contact with recreational boaters, NVequipment quickly understood that the needs and the equipment were different depending on the boat's activities at sea.

Fishers have requirements linked to their fishing activity, whereas sailors fond of regattas remain purists in search of glide and sensations on the water. Family cruises expect a high-level of safety and comfort on board, while motor boats demand practicality, functionality and speed according to the boat type.

For the past 15 years, recreational sailing has become more popular with the explosion of leisure activities. Sea outings are frequent on sunny days. Boats are stored later in the season, at the end of autumn, so people can make the most out of their passion for sailing. The lengthening of the sailing season and prolonged weekend outings require Outdoor protective canopies and covers.

Thus, for more than 20 years, NVequipment has developed a wide range of protective equipment, customised for every boat, allowing everyone to indulge in their passion for the sea, in full liberty, while sailing or stopping over.

- NEW TECHNOLOGIES - serving your experience
‘Tomorrow, digital technologies will revolutionise the complex and multiple decision centres that delay projects. We must at the same time become ultra-precise and go very fast, as the boating cycle is becoming shorter and shorter. ’ Pascal Cardi.

To face the new economic challenges in our industry and changes in behaviour, NVequipment has been investing for several years in the digital transformation of its organisation and practices, for example:
Implementing ERP to develop the sharing of its practices by all in a data-based culture.

Listening to the market and its customers, NV strives to improve its responses and has become multichannel with its 2 multilingual websites, giving immediate accessibility to all product information and advice.

Employing virtual reality, presented at Metstrade 2016, a revolution in the design of new projects, allowing customers to imagine themselves on a boat in 3D where it is possible to see the protective covers at night, during the day, under the hood, and more. A technology that could soon see the day in terms of the pleasure sailor's buying journey.

Having a presence on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, which enables communication and exchange with our community of sailing enthusiasts: for us, social networks are the way to be even closer to them. It is thanks to recreational boaters and brand ambassadors that we have been able to innovate and provide products adapted to their needs.

- A specialist with 4 domains of expertise -