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SARL Adrena

183, Route de Clisson, 44230 Saint-Sebastien-Sur-Loire
Telephone +33 9 75454048
Fax +33 2 28001773

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  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.15  Electronic Chart Systems

Electronic Chart Systems

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.18  Computer Systems / Software
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.23  Weather Monitoring

Weather Monitoring

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation / Communication / Equipment / Electronics
  • 03.02.32  Navigation Accessories

Navigation Accessories

Our products

Product category: Computer Systems / Software

OCTOPUS - Navigation Software for smart cruising

Avoiding high winds and waves, visualizing your sailing and motoring periods, anticipating weather conditions on the mooring area… Cruising enthusiasts, you have specific needs and Octopus software is there to fit them!

Adrena condensed all its expertise to develop a piece of software dedicated to cruising: Octopus will help you anticipate your navigation serenely for optimum comfort and safety along your voyage.

Octopus navigation software provides routing calculation according to your preferences - whether you are looking for the fastest route, the most comfortable or the most economical in terms of fuel consumption. The routing analysis module allows you to choose the optimum route with the best compromise between speed, security, comfort, fuel consumption and time of arrival.

The mooring assistance module provides a graphical display of the conditions to be expected on the chosen mooring area: weather forecast, sea level according to the tide, and so on.

GRIB files can be downloaded online and by email up to 16 days.
They can be displayed on screen - wind, waves, atmospheric pressure, etc. - and are used for routing calculation.

Octopus provides a powerful, unique and intuitive routing module.
It calculates the best route taking into account several settings: date of departure or arrival, boat's speed polar diagram and weather forecast. The routing analysis function allows you to compare the different options and to choose the best one according to your own preferences - speed, comfort, safety and son on.

For more serenity all along the navigations, Octopus provides multiple functions linked to safety such as MOB, AIS and alarms: anchor drag alarm, coast detection, MOB, AIS and customized alarms (depth, wind force and direction, etc.).

Octopus includes setup wizards to create the polars of your boat from navigation data as well as the sails use charts. This ensures reliability and accuracy in routing calculation.

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Product category: Computer Systems / Software

Adrena First

Racing with Adrena First
A strong decision-making tool for regatta: ADRENA FIRST provides all features for planning the perfect start and assists the crew during the race by providing the right data at the right moment.

Sailing Offshore with Adrena First
ADRENA FIRST provides significant assistance for offshore sailing. The powerful routing module calculates the best route from the following settings: date and place of departure, destination, boat speed polars, wind conditions (GRIB files) and currents.

Dual routing – sailing and motoring – is taken into account. Fuel consumption is also estimated in order to anticipate the needs.

Cruising with Adrena First
What is the distance left to the next mooring? How long will be the navigation? What heading should I take? What is the minimum depth to moore? How will turn the wind today, tonight?

Easy to set up, ADRENA FIRST provides a significant saving in time and an obvious comfort while ensuring a high-secure navigation.

  • Touch screen mode
  • Waypoint and routes management
  • Global tide module
  • Calibration of instruments (log, compass and windvane)
  • Meteograms
  • GRIB files download online and by email up to 16 days
  • Chart compatibility: electronic vector charts (CMap MAX) and raster charts (SnMap, BSB)
  • NOAA, Great Circle, Predictwind, Navimail, Saildoc and Tidetech direct interface
  • Tide charts compatibility: SHOM, Proudman (+high resolution), Winning Tides (Solent)
  • MOB: alarm + man overboard tracking with drift calculation
  • Alarms setup: MOB, AIS, Sart AIS, coast detection and anchor alarms
  • Logbook: position, wind, speed and observations
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Calculation of recovered time IRC/HN
  • Management of the start, windward/leeward and coastal route
  • Laylines calculation and display
  • Integration of the current in laylines and time to the marks
  • Calculation of optimum route while automatically avoiding coastlines
  • Routing in 2 clicks
  • Dual routing: sailing and motoring
  • Integration of tidal currents data in routing calculation
  • Routing of the competitors
  • Wind angle and speed limitation setup in routing calculation
  • Tableau récapitulatif du routage
  • Display of wind conditions to be encountered along the route
  • Compulsory waypoint (pivot on isochrone)

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Product category: Computer Systems / Software

Adrena Standard


Besides the standard features for navigation and mapping, ADRENA STANDARD is an essential tool for tactical decision-making.
Thanks to its unique ergonomy, ADRENA STANDARD displays accurate data for each course phase with no user intervention on computer.

When preparing the race, the navigator locates and annotates specific areas - Roadbooks - that can be enriched with images by overlaying them on the map.

During prestart, it displays the line, gives its advantage, time to reach it or to change side...

Race Management
During the race, the data are adjusted regarding the course phase running: target speed, target VMG, polar efficiency, downwind target angle, next leg prediction...

Enhanced safety at sea
Safety is enhanced at sea. Any danger (AIS target, coast, etc.) and data changes (performance, wind, etc.) are pointed out by a sound and a visual signal.

Replay debriefing tool
After the race, the Replay tool enables the analysis of different phases, tactical and strategic decisions as well as weather conditions changes.

ADRENA STANDARD offers the navigators and routers a useful tool with an overview of optimization and analysis of the course.
It calculates the best route for both inshore and offshore racing and it enables you to hone your race strategy in ways that are unmatched by any other products on the market.

Routing Calculation
The Adrena routing automatically avoids the coasts, manages the arks to let and the gates to go through. The routing is calculated for an optimal route to follow; taking into account the weather GRIB, the currents (and their effect on the wind) and the boat's speed polar.

Routing profiles
Thanks to the scanning of variables (wind, polar, GRIB shift or departure), it is possible to launch several successive routings and to display them on the chart in order to compare them.

Inverse isochrones
They enable to visualize the sensitivity of the ETA according to a route shift. If they are parallel, it is possible to change one’s heading without any effect on the route duration.

They compare isochrones and inverse isochrones and color a corridor that enables to get to destination with a minimum of delay compared to the optimal route.

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Product category: Computer Systems / Software

Adrena Pro

Whether for offshore racing or around the cans, ADRENA PRO is equipped with extra features designed to meet the most demanding requirements of professional navigators.

Designed to help you improve your performance in high-level racing, ADRENA PRO is equipped with extra features in order to offer sophisticated tools for route analysis as well as Sailect and speed polars creation via an ergonomic interface and innovating algorithm.

For Regatta
It calculates different assumptions to reach the line: direct, tacking, gybing and sailing above a layline. The rotation and acceleration timing are integrated in the time to the line and laylines calculation.

3 different polars are managed: departure, navigation and performance. They can be adjusted during the race.

Multimedia content synchronization (photos, videos and sound) illustrate the tracks, Roadbook, Sailects or Trimbook for even more detailed records of your sailing.

Tracks and tracks analysis
It is also possible to analyze the loss when maneuvering, to integrate and synchronize external data into the tracks (sensors, records)…

ADRENA PRO is the perfect configuration for Pro Racing. It meets the specific and demanding needs of a professional team on international projects during the pre-season work-up of a boat as well as during the races themselves for course management and course planning.

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About us

Company portrait


ADRENA is a company specialized in navigation software and performance analysis. Located near Nantes in France, Adrena provides a complete and evolutive range of products to the world of sailing. With its software Octopus, First, Standard and Pro, Adrena is designed to address both yachtsmen and high-level sailors needs.

In 2003, ADRENA launches its first software Optima (now Optima Pro), which is still today the only one able to generate real speed polars and performance studies from water records..

In 2006, Adrena software includes the Sailect function. Developed in collaboration with North Sails France, it allows the navigator to cartography and analyze the sails ranges.

Adrena complete offer includes a powerful routing calculation module which contributes to the reputation of the company.

Adrena assists skippers along their navigation and provides tactical decision-making tools adapted to their needs: GRIB weather files loading, performance analysis, routing, etc. As well as various functions related to safety (MOB, AIS or alarms) in order to guarantee secure navigations to any level of sailing – cruising and high-level regatta alike.


Passionate, accessible and efficient, Adrena team places huge importance on customer satisfaction. Thanks to a recognized know-how, Adrena became in a few years the French market leader in software for regatta sailing and ocean racing. The company now supplies 100% of Vendée Globe and Volvo Ocean Race skippers and has never stopped developing and perfecting its products.

In 2014, ADRENA decided to diversify its activities by using its expertise in routing optimization and performance analysis in order to enter on a new market. The company created AdrenaShip, a navigation software aimed at shipping (freighter, ferry, tanker, LNG, fishing boat, Offshore operations, cruiser, Super Yacht, etc.).

The objective of the software is to optimize the route and the speed of the ship in order to manage fuel consumption, operating cost and ETA while ensuring secure navigation.
More information about AdrenaShip.

In 2018, ADRENA innovated again and decided to open up to the cruising market. The company released Octopus, a software dedicated to leisure and voyage. Benefiting from Adrena expertise, it is aimed at cruising enthusiasts looking for a tool especially developed for their needs. Powerful and intuitive, Octopus provides multiple functions for comfort and optimum safety along the voyage such as routing calculation – with the possibility to analyze all routes from the fastest to the safest or the most economical – a mooring assistance graphic module and an assistance for speed polars and sails usage charts creation (Sailects). Multiple functions linked to safety such as MOB, AIS and alarms are also included in the software.

Adrena keeps moving forward excellence thanks to a specialization in three different fields: ocean racing, shipping and leisure cruising. Every day, we offer our know-how to our clients in order to provide them with software tools in line with their ambitions.