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WIC BV - Comfort Seat

Brasem 40, 4941 SE Raamsdonksveer

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.05  Boat Building Materials / Maintenance
  • 03.05.23  Cleaning Equipment / Tools
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.08  Tables / Chairs / Covers
  • 03.08.01  Seating / Benches / Chairs / Seat-Cushions

Our products

Product category: Cleaning Equipment / Tools

Deck Mate telescopic and fixed handles

The deckmate lightweight handles are made of an aircraft-grade, bright dip anodised aluminium with a high-gloss polished surface.
Deckmate handles are extremely strong an lightweight, so the telescopic handle offers good control over the brush or other accessory during cleaning over larger distances and unnecessary damages are prevented.

These telescopic handles can be set to 3 different lengths and are firmly secured with a stainless steel spring clip button.
The interior tube has a permanent referential line to secure it quickly and easily.
Every handle has one or more comfortable non-slip grips.
With the help of the quick release system, it is possible to quickly and easily place a varied assortment of accessories on the handles.

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Product category: Cleaning Equipment / Tools

DM110 Extra Soft Brush

Is made from a varnished hard-wood block with brush hairs placed at an angle in order to get to hard-to-reach places.  The bright dip/high-gloss anodised connector has a stainless steel spring clip button, allowing you to quickly mount the brush to a deckmate handle.

The 75mm tetalon extra soft hairs are completely encased in the wooden block and have been secured with corrosion-resistant staples.
A white plastic bumper prevents stripes and damage during cleaning.
The ends of these blue-coloured hairs are split open for additional water absorption.

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Product category: Cleaning Equipment / Tools

DM210 Microfiber Washmitt

This chenille wash mitt is made of strong and extremely soft microfibre material in an orange colour, consisting of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.
The microfibre strands are lint-free and can absorb an incredible amount of water; this contributes to scratch-free cleaning. Dirt hardly attaches to the microfibre strands and it is easy to rinse.

Suitable for:
It is extremely suitable for cleaning surfaces that have painted finishes or are sensitive to scratching, such as your car or boat. The wash mitt is powerful enough to easily remove dirt and other contaminations.
Good for reaching hard-to-reach corners and edges.
Not recommended for the soft PVC windows of your detachable roof.

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Product category: Seating / Benches / Chairs / Seat-Cushions

Comfort Seat Select

The Comfort Seat Select is a more luxurious version of the Classic due to its elegant cover with double seamed sides. This seats guarantees an outstanding seating comfort thanks to its quality resilince foam.

Size: 100x48x10cm
Weight: 3000 gram

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Product category: Seating / Benches / Chairs / Seat-Cushions

Classic compact basic Med Blue

The Classic Compact Basic has, like the cushions in the Marine line, an integrated frame with hinge mechanism to provide you with an independent backrest (40 positions) wherever you are.
The Compact Basic is, as the name suggests, compact and lightweight, so easy to take everywhere with the right seating comfort.
The cover is made of colorful water resistant and UV resistant acrylic material and the back is complete with anti-slip, protective material.
This version is available in 3 Uni colors.

Size: 92x42x8cm
Weight: 2.1kg

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Product category: Seating / Benches / Chairs / Seat-Cushions

Classic extra large plus blue-white stripe

This combination of blue and white block stripe is known as the ultimate nautical feeling. Symbol for the contrast between a blue sea and a pearl white beach and completely relax. Sporty yet chic, that is the atmosphere in which your Kingsize belongs in this blue / white striped version.

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About us

Company details

In 2010 we started our line of cleaning products called Deck Mate. Reason for this; we found, after 9 years of experience with cleaning application products, that prices of cleaning products for maritime market were extremely high. The reason for this was the very many links between the manufacturer and the end user. Prices rose and were so high that for a brush and a handle that serve for cleaning, the user paid the price as for an art object.

At that time WIC also saw a growing need for cleaning items on exchangeable handles of a high quality at a competitive price. In view of our experience and our capacity of large stocks, we have been able to avoid many links between production and the end user. We deliberately opted for a limited line with good and quickly marketable products, resulting in lower prices.

Our products are partly purchased from reputable companies worldwide and the rest is produced in our own company. 85% of all products are packed by us after inspection and provided with required product information and instructions.

In addition to Deck Mate, WIC also produces and distributes the Comfort Seat. A high-quality seating cushion with integrated frame work so that back support is not necessary. Check the site.

WIC guarantees high quality production of water sports and leisure products, cushions and cleaning line for boat, car, RV and household

Theo van Ham
Managing board

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