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Jet Thruster

P.O. Box 3050, 3301 DB Dordrecht
Donker Duyvisweg 297, 3316 BL Dordrecht

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Our products

Product category: Transmissions / Drives / Propulsion Systems

Jet Thruster Controller

Plug & Play entirely due to the new controller
The second big development is the Jet Thruster Controller. The first generation Jet Thruster systems had electrical controls. In association with our technical partner Karyvo, this has been modified to a specially designed digital control system. The striving of Holland Marine parts to improve steering and then indeed realizing it has also been done based on market demand.

Often clients already have a bow thruster and they want to use the Jet Thruster as stern-thruster. Many boats are equipped with the a bow thruster when they leave the factory, but not yet with a stern thruster, as often it’s not even possible. The unique Jet Thruster systems offer an immediate solution as it’s very suited to be used as stern thruster. Therefore, it was quite a logical step to connect the existing bow thruster to the Jet Thruster system, making it manageable from the control panel. The new controller has been designed in such a way that every bow thruster can be connected to the Jet Thruster Controller. A big advantage for the retrofit market!

After experimenting with an electronical test model, programmed with a specially designed program, it turned out that the steering worked indeed perfectly. After that, it was important to design a compact, watertight housing; this has been done as well.

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Product category: Transmissions / Drives / Propulsion Systems

JT-90 Perfect Bow Thruster for Boats up to 60FT

Jet Thruster offers many installation possibilities for all type of boats
Technical information JT-90

  • Force : 90 Kgf
  • Voltage DC : 24Vc
  • E-motor capacity kW : 15,5kW
  • Current : 1000A
  • Master fuse : 1000A (2x500A)
  • Recommended battery capacity 12V : 4x Optima YellowTop 75Ah
  • Battery cable +/- : 1m -> 120mm2 / 3ft -> 4/0 AWG
  • Water inlet : 1 x Ø 4”
  • Water outlet : Thru hull size Ø 60mm/2,36”
  • Pressure hose diameter : 3” / 76 mm
  • Weight pump : 61 kg/134 LB
  • Pump unit: LxWxH : 675x381x365 mm,  LxWxH: 26.57x15x14.37 inch
  • 3-Way valve : LxWxH: 280x235x230 mm,  LxWxH: 11x9.25x9 inch

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Product category: Transmissions / Drives / Propulsion Systems

JT-30 & JT50

The water intake assembly is on first view not much different then the stainless steel fittings. However, looking closer to the quality, thickness and the light weight of the composite materials you will be amazed. These special fittings are made to last for at least the lifetime of your boat.

This composite nozzle assembly has got a few new and cool features that will make the life of an owner and technician easier. The nozzle has two grooves on the body. These grooves connect to embossed sliders that are engineered inside of the guide ring and spacers. This means that the nozzle will stay much easier in place when tighten the nut. On top of this we have different thickness of the guide rings. This enables every nozzle to be compatible with any hull thickness. Another cool feature are the small triangle groove we made inside of the nozzle. These grooves connect seamless to our special multitool to tighten the nozzle from the outside if needed. What was a two men job in the past is now a one men job.

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Product category: Transmissions / Drives / Propulsion Systems

Hydraulic Jet Thruster

Jet Thruster: smart alternative to bow or stern thruster

The use of bow or stern thrusters has made manoeuvring vessels, large or small, much easier. This is the reason these thrusters have been seeing much wider application over the past years. There are a few disadvantages to the system as well, however. The Jet Thruster, manufactured by Holland Marine Parts, eliminates those disadvantages.
The operation of the Jet Thruster is based on the sucking in of outside water. It is subsequently expelled through nozzles in the bow and/or stern side. To this end the Jet Thruster has been fitted with a powerful centrifugal pump, a three-way valve and electrical controls. Because the Jet Thruster does not use a propeller, no disturbing cavitation sound is produced.

The advantages of Hydraulic
  •  No vulnerable propeller
  •  Flexible installation options
  •  High quality components
  •  Small thru hull parts
  •  Suitable for barges / work boats with almost no draft

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Product category: Transmissions / Drives / Propulsion Systems

Optima Batteries

Holland Marine Parts advises use of the Optima YellowTop battery

Various practical situations show that the Jet Thruster displays optimal performance using an Optima YellowTop battery.

Using an OPTIMA® battery under a heavy electrical load offers two important advantages. On the one hand you have a higher voltage at your disposal, granting you higher starting power than with traditional batteries. On the other hand the battery offers the deep-cycle possibility. The OPTIMA® YellowTop is a dual power battery (starter and deep-cycle), and possesses the unique ability to be repeatedly discharged at a low voltage, only to be charged again.

The preferred placement of the Optima YellowTop battery/batteries is directly beside the Jet Thruster's pump unit. You can then connect it with short cables, or have someone do this for you. This will result in the Jet Thruster performing optimally with the smallest possible electrical losses.

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About us

Company details

Holland Marine Parts in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, manufactures the Jet Thruster. Owner-manager Henry Kroeze and Marketing Manager Pieter Cats are the familiar faces of the company. The Jet Thruster is a unique system that uses water pressure to easily manoeuvre vessels. It finds its way from Dordrecht to customers all over the world.

The current Jet Thruster has a comparatively short history, contrary to Henry Kroeze’s, who has over forty years’ experience in metalworking and plastic processing. In addition he has vast experience as an entrepreneur in the maritime sector. In this capacity he supplies, among other things, motor components to shipbuilders at home and abroad. One of Kroeze’s traits is that he never ever stops at half measures. He strives for perfection, and this was evident in the development of the Jet Thruster.

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