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Rue Gachard, 88 bte 9, 1050 Brussels

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Yacht Management

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Travel Organisers / Agents

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On-line Media

Our products

Product category: Software / Data Loggers

Enhanced Listings

We want to help you win customers and manage your fleet.
When you list directly with Enaviga (it’s free!), we help you to create better boat listings. We provide photography tips, customer insights and technology support. We also build our listings to prioritise criteria that we know matter most to guests, including:
  • Multiple photos showcasing the boat
  • Type of boat
  • Length
  • Maximum number of guests
  • Year built
  • Crewed vs. bare boat
Plus, our dashboard services help you manage your fleet. You can see where all of your boats are in real-time, a booking calendar, a fleet overview and more.

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Product category: Software / Data Loggers

Booking Technology

Let guests can book online whenever they want, without sending an inquiry. Enaviga’s software lets customers search your fleet availability on their own terms, making it easier than ever for them to book with you. Plus, you save time by not manually handling reservations.

You don’t have to worry about double booking or cross-checking reservations, since Enaviga’s software syncs with aggregator data.

We can add our technology to your existing website, creating a fluid experience for both you and your customers. We charge an initial setup fee and just 1 percent of any transactions or bookings made after that, so you keep more revenue from every rental.

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Product category: Software / Data Loggers

White Label Solutions

If you’d like more help upgrading your website to attract customers and support bookings, we offer a full-service module/website known in the industry as White Label website. Specifically one for boat rentals and yacht charters. Our sites are built on WordPress, so users have access to the latest analytics and tools.

We walk you through how to manage your website as well, including adding content and how to use the site’s tools to learn about your customers.

With a fully transactional website, you gain more control over your bookings and keep more revenue from every rental. Enaviga charges an initial setup fee for the White Label site, then takes just 1 percent of any transactions or bookings made after that.

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Product category: Software / Data Loggers

Try Our App

When you list with Enaviga or use our booking technology, you gain access to our game-changing app. Our app allows you to communicate with guests before they arrive, making check-in easier. You save time, and your guests get on the water sooner. You can share:
  • A user guide to your boat
  • Rental Documents
  • Checklists for check-in and checkout
The app is free to download and use, for both you and your guests. For a small fee, our team can help you to create photo and video content for the app to help guests learn about your fleet.

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About us

Company portrait

We started Enaviga to create a better way to book boat vacations. Our goal is to make it easier for guests to get on the water. But the longer we’re in business, the more we see that boat operators need access to new technology. That’s where our partner technology comes in.

We make it easier for you to accept bookings and get to know your customers. Whether you list with us or use our technology to update your website, we can help your business run smoothly.

That means supporting you in the off season, during the booking process, at check-in, and when it’s time for maintenance. Wherever you are, Enaviga’s technology is there to help make your life easier.