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Whisper Power BV

Kelvinlaan 82, 9207 JB Drachten
Telephone +31 512 571550
Fax +31 512 571599

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts / Control
  • 02.02.02  Engine Monitoring / Alarms
  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts / Control
  • 02.02.03  Cooling Water Systems

Cooling Water Systems

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts / Control
  • 02.02.04  Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts / Control
  • 02.02.07  Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Systems

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.02  Engine Parts / Control
  • 02.02.09  Starter Systems

Starter Systems

Our products

Product category: Engine Monitoring / Alarms

WhisperTouch panels 5 & 7"

Remote Control Panels
Monitoring and Control - In a single glance!
Our WhisperTouch can be connected directly to the WPC Power Centre (BSI and RS232 interface required) and the WhisperPower generator (DDC functionality required), while no WPCI Interface needed. 

  • Start- and stop of the generator, generator status information, time-to-service etc.
  • Monitoring and control of the AC power system 
  • Shore power/ power sharing control by selecting the intensity of the charge current
  • Monitoring and control of the DC power system
  • Advanced battery monitoring of the service battery including ‘time remaining’

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Product category: Engine Monitoring / Alarms

DeepSea Control

Remote Control Panels
The DeepSea Control remote display module is easy to link to existing analogue or digital network

Some key features and benefits of the new control & power management panels:
  • Remote communications (RS232, RS485 x2, Ethernet)
  • Genset parallel functionality included (ask for more detail)
  • Provides secure and simple off site monitoring
  • Front panel mounting
  • Enables fault conditions to be resolved quickly and provides instant system information to aid preventative maintenance
  • Graphical displays showing, charts, meters, power display, graphs and engine status information
  • Information is displayed clearly and in a universal format for all users 
  • Language by choice 

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Product category: Engine Monitoring / Alarms

WPC PSCP Control Panel

Combined Remote Control and Monitoring Panel for WhisperPower Generators and Genverter Series

  • Easy-to-connect remote panel for use with a WhisperPower generator and WPC
  • Standard supplied with Genverter 7i
  • All system data available with only one remote panel
  • Includes extended auto start/stop functionality
  • Bright LCD displays with backlights
  • Easy set-up of input current limit
  • Integrated datalogger with SD-card storage

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Product category: Engine Monitoring / Alarms

WPC-RCC Control Panel

The WPC-RCC control panel enables the user to supervise the system and to completely adapt it to the needs through the many parameter settings available on the WPC Combi and on the WPC SunTracks.

Thanks to its digital display, the WPC-RCC control panel provides clear and comprehensive indications on the state of the system in the chosen language. The device memorizes the events that occurred on an installation and therefore anticipates any future problems.

An SD card reader is available and allows parameters recording, as well as the uploading of various pre-settings and of all future updates.

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Product category: Engine Monitoring / Alarms

Whisper Connect Tool

The WhisperConnect Tool is one tool for monitoring, controlling and configuring your WhisperPower energy system. The WhisperConnect Tool uses the WhisperConnect CAN bus to communicate to all WhisperPower equipment with WhisperConnect capabilities in a system. Simply connect the WhisperConnect CAN bus to the computer using the supplied CAN to USB converter and you are ready to go. Due to the easy to use user interface you can have your system completely configured to your needs in no time at all.

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Product category: Engine Monitoring / Alarms


As electricity cannot be seen, smelled or heard (when all is well!), it is a technology that can be more difficult to grasp than, say, mechanical engineering or architecture. Nevertheless, over the past century we have come to increasingly rely on electrical energy. It only takes a power cut for us to all realise how much we depend on electricity for our luxury, safety and comfort.

The luxury, safety and comfort we take for granted at home, at work in our factories or any location with utility grid power availability is also appreciated on-board a commercial vessel, pleasure yacht, or any off grid mobile or land-based application.

Linked in to the complete electrical system

Most of the WhisperPower products are fitted with a WhisperConnect communication bus which can be connected to a central monitoring screen, enabling crystal clear monitoring inside the vehicle. The WhisperPower electrical system can be monitored real time remotely via the optional WhisperCare Wi-Fi router package which is based on a 4G internet connection in combination with a WhisperTouch 7 or 10 Inch monitoring screen. 

Now all important parameters can be read on cell phone, tablet or computer on a distance. In addition, full Wi-Fi is now available inside the vehicle for computer, TV, Netflix etc. WhisperPower systems can also be connected to various digital switching systems and integrates perfectly with Naviop, Yachtcontrol, Garmin, Trigentic EmpirBus. 

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About us

Company portrait

WhisperPower was founded in 2007 for the manufacture and worldwide sale of diesel generators and related items, which had been sold until this point under the brand name Mastervolt. Since then, the company has quickly and successfully grown and developed especially in terms of innovation and quality.

In 2009 Hybrid Power Systems BV was founded to develop and produce combined hybrid power and propulsion systems for superyachts and commercial vessels. Since 2010, the product portfolio has been significantly expanded with products and components which form complete electrical systems for vehicles, vessels or locations which do not have (permanent) connection to the public grid. They can be assembled for plug and play solutions. WhisperPower has used its years of experience in developing systems containing a diesel engine to develop in-house, a new generation of power electronics. The product range covers power range options from 500 watts to 500 kW.