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Skudehavnsvej 34, 2150 Nordhavn

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boot 2020 hall map (Hall 5): stand C44

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boot 2020 fairground map: Hall 5

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Open Keel Boats

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Sports Boats / Runabouts

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Daycruisers / Weekenders

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Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)

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Electric Boats / solar boats

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Outboards Electric

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.01  Engines / Drives
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Inboards Gasoline

  • 02  Engines and Related Equipment
  • 02.01  Engines / Drives
  • 02.01.09  Inboards Electric

Inboards Electric

Our products

Product category: Electric Boats / solar boats


The best fun on the water

The PLAY 24 concept follows RAND’s vision of leisure activity at sea and adds a great amount of fun, space and speed on top of that. The 24ft day-boat seats up to 10 persons and creates a perfect platform for good times on the water.

The Play offers an impressive level of customization and comfort. The bow seating area can transform into an XL sunbed, and the aft area can transform into a relaxing kingsize sunlounge. The RAND Play is in other words the perfect boat for playing on the water, and you can customize your boat to meet your every need.

The distinguished Scandinavian design of the RAND Play brings a new kind of open day-boat to the market. The minimalistic approach and the graceful, yet simple lines defines what luxury at the sea is really about.

  • Designed for a luxurious and sporty boating experience
  • Ultra lightweight hull design for optimized performance
  • Sustainably produced with vacuum infused composite hybrid
  • Available with advanced electric engine systems
  • Innovative twin lounges and center console
  • The most spacious boat in its class

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Product category: Daycruisers / Weekenders


Unique layout for social interaction

Leisure 28 is designed for social interaction and perfectly fitted for on-the-water leisure. Even for dining with a built-in adjustable table and seating for up to 12 people. The table can be lowered to serve as the base for a relaxing kingsize sundeck. The rounded edges and wide hull makes it easy to get in and out. The hull has been developed to provide the most stable platform possible to increase the comfort on board. The electric propulsion ensures joyful sails without a loud motor running and the smell of gas while sailing.

The distinguished Scandinavian design of the RAND Leisure brings a new kind of day-cruiser to the market. The minimalistic approach and the graceful, yet simple lines define what luxury at the sea is really about.

You can take more than 10 guests out for a great day on the water in the relaxing seating area with a big fold-out table and transformable sun lounge.

As an integral part of the ultimate luxury provided onboard the RAND Leisure’s naturally illuminated cabin holds a queen size bed for two persons when staying overnight.

The dedicated kitchen & bar forms the center of entertainment and hanging out with cold refreshments and a bite to eat.

  • Designed for the luxurious leisure experience at sea
  • Ultra lightweight hull design for optimized performance
  • Sustainably produced with vacuum infused composite hybrid
  • Available with advanced electric engine systems
  • Intelligent infotainments system at the helm

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


Luxury Sport Yacht
The Vantage 38 makes the overwhelming space and luxurious feeling known from the RAND Pursuit 37 even greater, offering supreme comfort in both harsh and calm weather conditions.
The exclusive convertible hardtop can easily be opened to embrace the sun, but while closed it transform into a impressive indoor living area.

DRAFT 67 cm
MODEL RAND Vantage 38
TWIN ENGINES 170 to 430 HP
ENGINE & BATTERY Engine size, battery capacity and hybrid options are adjusted to your personal needs.

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About us

Company portrait

Our vision is to share our knowledge and experience. In order to do this, we create aesthetic and user-friendly motorboats, all respectful of nature.

Sailing allows us to let go and feel free and we want to share this experince with you. The feeling of a fresh breeze, the free and endless amount of air and of course the calm movement of the sea. That is truely what sailing is all about, whether sailing through city canals, forest lakes, or the ocean itself. Aboard a seagoing vessel, there is a sense of irresistible distance to the ordinary everyday life.

At RAND Boats, we heavily invest in research and development to create the best experiences at sea. In that case we strive to combine the most powerful and sustainable design with innovative technology. We wish to invite everyone aboard for the best experiences at sea. Within the purpose of aesthetical and modern design, high usability, and the goal of developing affordable motorboats.

With our vision in mind, we want to make easy sailing available to everyone. We do that by re-thinking traditional motorboat design. We produce sleek and pure designed motorboats for leisure use, with a strong focus on social interaction. Our goal is to make the idea of sustainable leisure experiences at sea even more attractive and that is why RAND boats offers an stylish, low-key luxury experience, at an affordable price.

We design our boats based on pure and graceful lines, supported by a strong focus on sustainable and low maintenance materials. Followed by the electric powered propulsion options, that meets the sustainable mindset of RAND Boats. Resulting in a silent and fume free sailing ensuring the joy and easy conversation on the sea. Furthermore the boats are sink free, with the highest safety on board.

RAND Boats is more than a boat producer. We are also a technology and design company, focusing on clean energy development.

Easily noted in shape of our boats, is the constant goal of pushing the boundaries of design and technology.  Improving the boats for sustainable electric engines is one of our specialties and the hull’s shape is a clear example of this. This results in better performance, higher speeds and longer range. The lightweight construction of the boats has a hull designed to pierce the waves. Simply, a smoother ride than a traditional motorboat. The boat simply consumes less electricity or gas, because of the reduced hydrodynamic drag.

The owner and architect behind the brand, Carl Kai Rand, pays much attention to detail. His education in architecture & design as well as years of experience in the maritime world, results in a unique and innovative approach to boat design. Carl Kai Rand rethinks boat design and ensures an optimal aesthetic meeting between functionality, sustainability, modern danish design and high usability.