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Our products

Product category: Electric Installation Material / Components


After the launch of the JCS Plus, joystick fans will now be delighted with the new YACHT CONTROLLER EN-JOY Plus: the latest release in joystick remote controls.
The YACHT CONTROLLER EN-JOY Plus has a new revolutionary 3 axis joystick that can manage movements in all directions, as well as boat rotation, with buttons also providing individual control of thrusters and up to 2 anchor winches.

The three-axis joystick knob is specifically designed to ensure a good grip.
The YACHT CONTROLLER EN-JOY Plus, like the others YACHT CONTROLLER wireless transmitters, is provided with two different transmission bands to avoid any interference caused by the presence of equipment nearby.
Two flashing LEDs on the front of the transmitter indicate the simultaneous transmission of the two control signals on both bands. If there is any interference or operating faults on one of the two bands, the receiver
automatically continues receiving on the other.
The transmitter and receiver also communicate using a coded protocol to exclude any interference with other similar equipment installed nearby.
The small size of the transmitter means that it can be carried by hand or worn around the neck as preferred. The transmitter has an on/off /engage button that, with the receiver on, allows control to be taken for
mooring. The receiver controls are activated using the joystick and buttons on the transmitter, which
cyclically communicates the state of the controls to the receiver.
The control output continues for as long as the joystick is activated or one of the buttons is pressed.

The transmitter is resistant to immersion in water and floats.
The transmitter has a rechargeable 3.7 V lithium polymer battery. The internal transmitter battery can be charged wirelessly using the charger provided.
To recharge, simply put the transmitter on the charger base.

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Product category: Electric Installation Material / Components

V.IPS – Wireless Joystick for Pod Drives

Do you want to have the new V.IPS?
Order it!

  • Double band of transmission
  • Rotation of the Joystick
  • Acceleration option *
  • Automatic/Manual option
  • Thrusters and engines option/thrusters only, option
  • Control of the engines and optional controls for bow thruster, stern thruster and up to 2 anchor winches

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Product category: Electric Installation Material / Components

Yacht Controller JCS PLUS

Yacht Controller JCS PLUS can be used alone or integrated with the popular and UNIQUE wireless remote control mooring systems, Yacht Controller DUAL BAND and/or Yacht Controller SMART . With a simple movement of the hand, the Joystick JCS allows simultaneous operation of the motors and of the bow and stern thrusters, enabling you to moor and move the boat in any direction simply, without risk and danger, precisely and with total ease.

Yacht Controller JCS PLUS is very easy to install, with no difficult, invasive and costly work in the engine room; moreover, it does not require cables to be installed along the
length of the boat but, after identifying the type of electronic throttle control installed on board, it is installed rapidly in proximity of the control station selected, either on the flybridge or in the saloon. Moreover, if the boat is already equipped with a Yacht Controller Smart or a Yacht Controller DUAL BAND system, it can be installed simply by attaching a connector to the receiver already installed aboard. Unlike other joysticks present on the market, Yacht Controller JCS PLUS offers maximum flexibility thanks to its automatic and manual modes. In automatic mode, the motors and the thrusters are used simultaneously to facilitate mooring manoeuvres even for those with less sailing experience.
In manual mode, the thrusters can be activated as required, both together with the motors or separately, for better control of the manoeuvre you wish to perform.

Yacht Controller JCS PLUS is also the only one equipped with a control panel with LCD screen, also visible in sunlight, which has a clear and practical design of the boat with indication of motors and thrusters, showing you exactly what is activated in the manoeuvres being performed. The JCS panel can be used to configure the various operating modes, select language, units of measurement, accurate diagnostics and many other features. With throttle controls equipped with digital protocol, it can be used to manage acceleration, with different settings depending on the percentage of acceleration selected and its supply time. If the windlass (single or double) option is present, the weighing/lowering function with chain counter can be controlled from the JCS panel. It can also be integrated with the function SSS (Secure Sail System) developed by MZ Electronic, which allows retrieval at standard speed during weighing of the anchor up to the last 3 metres of chain, subsequently slowing down progressively to retrieve the anchor at minimum speed. This prevents the risk of damage and protects the windlass from harmful jerking that can cause breakage. System will stop anchor when totally weighed.

The YC JCS PLUS joystick is all this: another valid and essential aid for managing your boat, designed for you by Yacht Controller.

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About us

Company portrait

Created to develop innovative advanced technology products for safer and more enjoyable boating, Yacht Controller S.r.l. is now an uncontested leader in its field, all over the world.
Yacht Controller products are designed with our great passion for the nautical world, for customers who, more and more, every day, are asking for technological innovations to make their time on board more enjoyable.
Thanks to our experience in electronics via our associated companies in the Microfin Group, Axiomtek Italia and Micro Device (world leaders in industrial computers and automation), over a brief period Yacht Controller S.r.l. has developed and put on sale a range of products of undisputed quality and success.
Our patented product range is CE and FCC certified by the most important international authorities.
It comprises wireless radio controls, monitoring systems, LCD displays (some integrated with a PC) and nautical PCs.
Yacht Controller products are sold via an extensive professional sales and assistance network, in Italy and worldwide.

Continuous development of new innovative products through the use of the newest technologies available on the Market while keeping a constant eye on the safety of boating.
Thanks to the structure of the Company that allows us to  operate as an agile and flexible Company, we are able, with our team of Engineers, to study, design, implement and test  new products very quickly.

Yacht Controller, recognized by national and international patents, originated in 1999 when the first prototype was developed to compensate for the absence in the nautical market of a remote
control system that could enable a boat to be berthed without assistance.
After 4 years of continuous development Yacht Controller was officially launched at the 2002  Genoa Boat Show, and aroused immediate interest.
Its launch slogan was “everyone’s dream is to move freely from bow to stern without having to stay at the helm.”
This dream has already come true for thousands of enthusiastic users all over the world.