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Neas Elvetias 60, 162 33 Vyronas
Telephone +30 210 7647076
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Services
  • 04.01  Information / Construction / Services
  • 04.01.07  Yacht Management

Yacht Management

  • 04  Services
  • 04.05  Marine Tourism and Charter
  • 04.05.01  Sailingboat Charter

Sailingboat Charter

  • 04  Services
  • 04.05  Marine Tourism and Charter
  • 04.05.05  Boat and Yacht Charter, Off Shore / In Shore

Boat and Yacht Charter, Off Shore / In Shore

Our products

Product category: Yacht Management

Yacht Management

Make the boat available for bookings
Detailed professional photo-shoot
Brochure/Leaflet creation for the boat
Registration in the major Booking engines
Inform International Agents about the new arrival

Promote the boat through
Our stands in International Boat shows
Our stands in International Agent events
Our website and the social media
Leaflets to Agents
Email marketing

Handle all the Booking procedures
Respond to enquires with offers
Make proposals to Agents
Make reservations (options and bookings)
Update Booking engines to sustain Real-Time availability
Prepare Charter contracts
Collect all Payments
Respond to requests for Skippers and Hostesses

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Product category: Sailingboat Charter

Chartering a crewed yacht

A good skipper with all his knowledge of the local environment (waters, ports, places of interest, taverns, etc) can provide an invaluable service to any sailor, however experienced one might be and allow one to concentrate on enjoying the vacation rather that going up a learning curve of all things local.

Skippers are freelancers who charge the client directly (currently, the fee of 160 Euro per day, plus food). The Skippers that we propose are people that we have known for sometime in the local nautical community. We know a lot who can command a yacht, but we propose a few, based on specific aspects of their character like politeness, sense of privacy, sense of humor, ability to communicate and ability to manage unexpected problems (not necessarily technical). They all speak English, but their ability to speak other European languages is also evaluated.

A hostess can make the difference when it comes to keeping the yacht tidy, cooking some meals when you opt to stay onboard, preparing refreshments and drinks, helping the skipper in mooring the yacht inside busy harbors. She can also be handy for providing assistance with the local environment (stores, pharmacies, doctors, etc). She will simply bring the experience of your private vacation to another level.

Hostesses/Hosts are freelancers who charge the client directly (currently, the fee of 150 Euro per day, plus food). We shall only propose persons that we have either used before or have strong recommendations from Skippers who have served with them before. The same character qualifications, as for a Skipper, play a very important role in our selection, with the addition of cleanliness and tidiness.

Every member of the crew is preferable to sleep in a cabin and this is why some yachts with special crew cabins can be more suitable than others.

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Product category: Boat and Yacht Charter, Off Shore / In Shore

Cabin Charter

Sailor or not…,
alone or with companion…,
you can enjoy the trip and define by yourself the level of your involvement in sailing the yacht, the extend of your participation in the various visits and activities included in the trips and the extend of mixing with other fellow travellers. Whatever your choices, you will definitely enjoy the crystal clear waters, the sandy beaches, the shining sun and the blue sky.

Trips start at our new base in Lavrion (Olympic Marine), which is close to Athens International Airport. The excellent facilities in this modern and well kept private Marina and the scenic environment of the nearby town of Lavrion, provide a nice start and finish point for our guests.

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About us

Company portrait

Professional Services for Sailors, from Sailors !

Love for the sea creates a desire to own a boat, to many people. However, very few people proceed to make this wish come true. Even when the financial prerequisites are in tact, the procedures, the service and the care required on an annual basis are enough to hault the plans of the majority of people. Things become more complex, if the boat is also required to be chartered (with or without crew).

This is the basis on which some Fleet Management companies have been active and busy for many decades. They practically take ownership of all these worries and deliver some income and a few weeks of “carefree” holidays to the owner. Why then, a great number of (managed) boat owners do sell their “dream” after a few years ? And why a great number of them complain about the services they have received ?

We believe that only true sailors or people who have been active in sea activities (and not simply being a member of the marine industry in general) can feel empathy for a boat owner, who bought his boat out of his love for the sea.

A boat is not a mere professional tool, even when it is actually a true commercial asset and is being chartered on a regular basis. Neither, a means of transportation, like a car. Every boat has its own name, its own character, its own unique faults and advantages, its own identity.

That is why some charterers ask by name the same boat that they had chartered in the past !

We are sailors, we are boat owners ourselves, we are interested to grow our ownership of boats and having secured some excellent conditions for our own boats, we can undertake to do the same job that we do for our boats, for the boats of other owners, for mutual benefits. Benefits related to a larger turnover, benefits related to economies of scale and benefits due to boat loving care !