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ACI - Adriatic Croatia International Club d.d.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

ACI marina Opatija

Sheltered from strong bura winds by Mt. Učka, the highest mountain in Istria, close to what was the first coastal spa resort in the Adriatic and the cradle of elite tourism in the region since the time of Austria-Hungary, ACI Marina Opatija is situated in the town of Ičići. This is the best anchorage for yachts under 40 meters in the entire northern Adriatic, and its nautical tradition is three millennia old. In the 9th century BC it was home to Liburnians, skilful builders of fast ships made of wooden planks and rope that took them as far afield as North Africa and Asia Minor.

Just as Opatija enjoyed a great reputation among foreign princes and nobles, so is ACI’s  Ičići marina renowned among foreign boaters and Adriatic sailing enthusiasts. This is not merely on account of its excellent facilities and its proud Blue Flag, but also because Zagreb, Trieste and Ljubljana international airports are just a few hours’ drive away, while  transfers to and from Pula or Rijeka airports are even shorter. Opatija’s balmy climate and the rarity of bura winds there, together with its location and good transport connections (if you don’t like flying, you can drive to Ičići from Vienna, Milan or Budapest in a matter of hours), makes ACI Opatija ideal both for short winter jaunts and as a start or end point of an Adriatic cruise at any time of the year. It is never too late to plan a route, and it is a particular pleasure to do it in the marina, with a spectacular backdrop of Krk and Cres, the two largest Croatian islands.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

ACI marina Pula

Istria’s largest city, Pula brims with historical sights, the grandest of which is certainly the Roman amphitheatre. Locally known as the Arena, it is one of the best-preserved Roman Imperial buildings in the world, testifying to the turbulent and millennia-long history of this region. The enormous natural harbour has been used since early Antiquity, and it served as the main naval harbour of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. In the very heart of this historic harbour, only metres away from the Arena, lies the 194- boat berth (moorings) ACI marina. Pula International Airport is only 5 km away.

In the immediate vicinity of Pula are the Brijuni Islands, once among the most prestigious summer resorts visited by emperors, presidents, world leaders and stars of Hollywood’s golden age. For thousands of years Pula has been both a centre of Istria and a gateway to it, one of the ideal starting points for an exploration of natural, cultural and culinary riches of the peninsula that is often described as an untouched, pristine version of Tuscany.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

ACI marina Cres

The large ACI marina on the island of Cres is situated in the very centre of the largest and at the same time the most sparsely inhabited Adriatic island. For years Cres has been a favourite destination of untouched-nature lovers and environmental activists from around Europe and the world; they come here for the griffon vulture – the world’s third largest bird, now to be seen only on Cres and two neighbouring islands – and for the unusual natural phenomenon of freshwater Lake Vrana in the heart of the island. Not unexpectedly, ACI Marina Cres has been awarded the Blue Flag, a reliable indication of the perfect quality of its water and the environmental awareness of its management.

ACI marina Cres has been awarded the prize “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia “ for the second place in 2009 and 2010 for the category of the best marina on the Adriatic. In 2011 it has been proclaimed the best marina in the category over 450 berths, while in 2013 it has been awarded the prize for the third place in the same category.

The 66 kilometres dividing the island’s northern and southern tips are lined with the reminders of its long and glorious history and offer countless possibilities for an active vacation as well as for learning about nature conservation. Here you will discover a veritable treasure trove of endemic and relic plants, the preservation of which requires precise organisation and dedication of experts from Croatia and abroad. The capacious marina has room even for mega yachts, making Cres extremely attractive for global jet-setters and successful business people. Its top-class dining, based on healthy locally-grown produce, puts it on every gastronaut’s map of places not to miss.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

ACI marina Supetarska Draga

The name “Supetarska Draga,” referring to both the village and the bay that is a natural continuation of Rab Island’s largest and most fertile field, is derived from the 11th-century church and basilica of St. Peter. The church has not undergone significant modifications since, and is said to be the only Romanesque church in the Adriatic that has continued in use unchanged for 900 years. The village owes its existence to the industriousness of Rab fishermen, but tourism has now joined fishing as the locals’ main occupation. Three islets with gorgeous sandy beaches in front of the bay make Supetarska Draga a true paradise for visitors. The ACI marina sits in the middle of that dreamland, adding to the attraction of this picturesque part of Rab Island.

Like ACI Marina Pomer in Istria, ACI Marina Supetarska Draga lets us get close to nature  and experience a small fishing village. It is also famous for its clean sandy beaches that are sheltered from the wind, increasingly attracting boaters, in particular those with small children. ACI Marina Supetarska Draga is open throughout the year, and after a recent expansion offers 344 wet berths and 53 dry berths. In addition to all the expected amenities, this ACI marina is justly famous for the fine dining in its restaurant

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

ACI marina Žut

Žut is one of the islands of the Kornati Archipelago. It is situated between the island of Pašman, which is connected to the mainland by a ferry service via Ugljan, and the Kornati Islands. Its surface covers only some fifteen square kilometres and it is only two kilometres wide. The island’s highest point is 172 metres above sea level, and it its coast is steep and very indented, the most important coves including Hiljača, Sarušćica, Bizikovica, Golubovac, Žešnja, Podražanj and Strunac.  Žut has a Robinson Crusoe feel to it. On this island covered in olive and fig trees and vineyards there are no permanent habitations – only the odd fisherman, shepherd or farmer occasionally comes from the island of Murter.

Amidst pristine natural beauty, accessible only to those who come by boat, lies a sailor’s paradise – the 120- boat moorings berth ACI Marina Žut. The sea around Žut, as well as the whole of the beautiful Kornati Archipelago, is ideal for water sports. ACI Marina Žut is situated in the westernmost part of the harbour of Žut, in the northwest of the Kornati Archipelago. The ACI flag flies at Cape Ražanj. The marina is open from April 1 through October 31.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

ACI marina Rab

This island of wonderful natural diversity and gorgeous beaches, rich in history and cultural monuments dating to before the Romans, has not one, but two ACI marinas – Rab and Supetarska Draga. ACI Marina Rab is an ornament of its namesake town, Rab Island’s largest population centre and the focus for its culture, education and art, all fostered here for centuries. The marina is located in the town harbour and offers a plethora of amenities to boaters, from a restaurant to a maintenance and repairs shop. The island’s interior is just as impressive as its coast: as much as 35 percent of Rab is forest and fertile land, making it the second greenest Croatian island, behind Mljet.

A sea blessed with plentiful fish and ancient trading routes, numerous medicinal herbs, the bountiful fruits of fertile fields, vineyards and olive groves, together with the inordinate friendliness of its people, make Rab an attractive destination at any time of the year. In addition, as organised tourism has been practised on the island since the late 19th century, there are no limits to the locals’ hospitality and their willingness to please each and every traveller.

Did you know…

…that the island and the town of Rab, both known in Latin as Felix Arba, have been continuously settled since prehistoric times, and that ancient cartographers, as well as Pliny and Ptolemy, mention Rab as an Illyrian stronghold? Ancient Rab already had a water supply system, baths, temples, a theatre, and a network of streets.

…that many important historical figures hailed from Rab? They include St. Marin, the founder of the Republic of San Marino; Markantun de Dominis, brilliant theologian and physicist; and Ivan Rabljanin, the great bell and cannon founder in the service of the Republic of Dubrovnik.

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About us

Company portrait

Navigare necesse est – “to sail is necessary,” the ancient seafarers’ saying claims, and it is clearly necessary to keep sailing in Croatia, over and over again: according to a recent study published as part of Croatia’s Tourism Institute TOMAS Nautika research project, half of all foreign boaters to have sailed Croatia’s Adriatic coast have done so on at least six separate occasions.

They have answered the siren call of  countless inlets and coves, paradise beaches, and other wonders of untouched nature, including the food that combines the best of Mediterranean and Continental cooking. Each successive visit to the Croatian Adriatic yields new discoveries, and it is hard to imagine investigating its marvels and hidden corners without ACI’s marinas.

In charge of the Mediterranean’s largest chain of marinas, Croatia’s leading boating tourism company is the first choice of boaters from all over the world and an ideal starting point for embarking on new adventures. Boaters know this and keep coming back to ACI, and in return ACI caters to their every wish. Whether they prefer active holidays, or relaxing far from the noise and commotion of cities, or crave new cultural, nature or food experiences, ACI can offer them the best sailing routes, complete comfort and a safe berth.

The treasure of ACI’s marinas is strategically spread from Umag in the far north of Croatia’s Adriatic coast to Dubrovnik in its far south. It gives us great pleasure to announce that a new marina – “Veljko Barbieri” Slano on the Dubrovnik Riviera –  became the 22nd member of ACI’s chain in August of the 2016 boating season. Each of the 22 marinas is situated either in the very centre of an ancient town or a stone’s throw from one of Croatia’s striking natural wonders, while in no way detracting from their alluring beauty. The fact that almost 400,000 boaters each year choose ACI as their host confirms that ACI offers precisely what today’s boaters want. The ingeniously connected chain of marinas makes it possible for boaters to spend each day at a different attractive destination, taking advantage of numerous discounts and special offers; and after saying “see you next year” – because one never says farewell to the Croatian coast! – they return home with unforgettable memories and a hunger for new Adriatic adventures.

Adventure is something that Croatia’s Adriatic coast has in spades and offers freely. It is a fascinating mosaic composed of the ancient and the modern, of untouched nature and urban comfort, of unique local customs happily co-existing with, and perfectly complementing, modern tourist industry’s most recent technological and organisational accomplishments. The unique broad network of ACI’s marinas provides an opportunity for boaters to see all the cultural and natural sights of the astounding Adriatic coast; to uncover, in the space of just a few days, the secrets preserved for millennia by the living monuments of the past such as Rovinj, Pula, Split, Korčula or Dubrovnik; to relish the peace and quiet of Cres’s, Rab’s, Pag’s, Brač’s or Hvar’s hidden island coves; or to experience the unreal harmony of Kornati, Krka and Mljet national parks’ unspoiled nature.

Free time is one of the most precious currencies in the modern world. The ACI team will do everything in their power to make all dreams come true for boaters who spend the year yearning for the Croatian Adriatic. In the meantime, until the next boating season, enjoy “sailing” our new web pages, just as we enjoyed putting them together for you.