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Product category: Diving Trips

Diving in the Komodo National Park

Diving in the Komodo National Park is an amazing experience . The abundance and variery of large and small animals, reef creatures and pelagics, invertebrates and vertebrates, shallow reefs, drop-offs and drift dives produces exceptional diving, widely regarded as some of the best in the world.

Komodo liveaboard trips offers divers the chance to visit all the iconic dive sites like Batu Bolong and Castle and Crystal Rock as well as a chance to enjoy some lesser known beauties in both the north and the south of the area. We will also give you the opportunity to go ashore for a short trek with the endemic Komodo dragons.

Damai I and Damai II liveaboards offer dates throughout the year and the charters leave from both Bima, Sumbawa and Labuanbajo, Flores to ensure you experience this amazing destination in depth. Damai can also combine this itinerary with diving in Bali and Alor.

If you feel the need to spend more time ashore trekking with dragons, monkeys, water buffalo and other creatures that inhabit Rinca and Komodo islands then our reservations team would love to offer you the opportunity to add this onto your liveaboard trip. Contact our reservations team to organise your bespoke land tour.  

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Product category: Diving Trips

Diving in Cenderawasih Bay

Diving in Cenderawasih Bay National Marine Park allows you to experience one of Indonesia’s newest and most exciting diving destinations and DAMAI is one of the most experienced operators in this area. In fact one of the original survey trips was undertaken from the decks of Damai I and our staff have many months working in this challenging and remote location.

Cenderawasih Bay liveaboard trips offer you the unique opportunity of spending hours diving or snorkelling with multiple Whale Sharks and we regularly see the sub-adults around the local fishing platforms in only a few meters of water. However the area also boasts an incredibly rich history from the many battles between Allied and Japanese forces in the area during WWII and the area is littered with diveable wrecks of aircraft and ships. Finally there are the unique biological aspects of the bay. Geologically the area has been isolated for many millions of years and as a result many unique and endemic species have developed. Fish and creature watchers will be delighted by many species that they will have never seen before.

Damai I liveaboard offers a short season of trips out of Biak which concentrate in the inner and outer bay or combine dives in Cenderawasih with Raja Ampat itineraries.

If you would like to fly into Biak via the Papuan capital of Jayapura then you will have the opportunity to trek in the Baliem Valley with the local highland tribes and nature. Alternatively a quick stop in the city of Jayapura offers you education at the tribal museum and a tour of the beautiful lake Sentani. Contact our reservations team to organise your bespoke land tour.  

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Product category: Diving Trips

Diving in Raja Ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat is breathtaking, with the marine life thriving from the sea floor to the surface and the colourful reef teeming with activity. There are sites that are so pristine and packed with growth, that a photographer is hard-pressed to find a spot to place a steadying finger. Exotic sea life and macro critters abound of course, and photo opportunities border on overwhelming.  

Raja Ampat liveaboard trips offer divers the opportunity to explore the entire region. You have the colourful soft coral areas around the southern islands of Misool with the opportunity to see sharks and mobula rays. In the north you have the world famous current rich Dampier Straits with iconic dive sites like Cape Kri and Blue Magic. In the east you can visit pristine coral gardens and climb to the viewpoint above the lagoon at Penemu. In the north you can dive with mantas at Kawe and go critter hunting in Aljui Bay.  

Luxury liveaboard diving on Damai I or Damai II offers charters out of Sorong and gives you the opportunity to explore this extensive area in comfort. You can combine this excellent itinerary with other destinations like Triton Bay and Cenderawasih Bay to complete the Papuan diving experience.

If you are flying through Sorong, maybe you would be interested in taking a few days extra to trek to the endemic Birds of Paradise on the island of Waigeo, one of the Four Kings. Contact our reservations team to organise your bespoke land tour.  

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Product category: Diving Trips

Diving in Alor

Diving in Alor and the waters of Nusa Tenggara Timur brings a constant source of marine life surprises, with a wealth of small creatures to big fish and mammals. There are a wide variety of dive sites to be explored during our liveaboard trips, from muck dives in the bays of Beangabang and Kalabahi, to the always fishy Alor Kecil and the colourful walls of Pulau Reta. The Indonesian government has recently agreed to protect this area in order to secure a safe route for migrating cetaceans as they pass through the straits to their feeding grounds in the deep waters of the Banda Sea.

Alor liveaboard trips offer divers the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular and untouched coral reefs in Indonesia along with the chance to witness unique behaviours of the many rare and wonderful critters to be found in the Pantar Strait. Divers can expect to see Rhinopias (lacey scorpionfish), pygmy seahorses, manta rays, schools of trevally and even the occasional whale! Departing from Maumere or Kupang, our 7 -10 night dive trips not only take you through the wonders of the Pantar Strait but to lesser dived areas including Rusa, Adonara and Serbete. These areas offer unique habitats, coral reefs, pelagic action, macro critter spotting and the opportunity for island visits.

Damai I and Damai II liveaboards offer a range of trip dates to ensure you can experience this superb destination in depth. Dives in Alor are also offered within our Banda Sea and Forgotten Islands itineraries so you can explore more stunning Indonesian reefs. Liveaboard trip dates are listed below, simply click on the link and then choose your cabin and you’ll be diving in Alor in no time!

If you are flying through Maumere, maybe you would like to take an extra day to visit the natural wonder of Kelimutu volcano with its tri-coloured crater lakes. Combine this with an opportunity to witness the local ladies weaving traditional ikat and you will have your chance to buy some authentic souvenirs. Contact our reservations team to organise your bespoke land tour.

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Product category: Diving Trips


Diving in Bali offers an opportunity to experience some amazing underwater treasures. This beautiful island boasts great macro opportunities in the north and east of the island. The annual season for Mola Mola sightings off Nusa Penida in the south can also give you the chance to dive with reef mantas at Manta Point. The USAT Liberty, off the coast of Tulamben in the north east, is one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world offering amazing wide angle and macro opportunities. Liveaboard diving in Bali on Damai I or Damai II would be included in an itinerary of Sumbawa and Komodo.

If you would like to enjoy some relaxation time in Bali, soaking up the temple culture of this unique island, either before or after your liveaboard trip then please contact our reservations team to organise your bespoke land tour.

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Product category: Diving Trips

Diving in the Forgotten Islands

Diving in the Forgotten Islands brings you to incredibly rich waters and the area is typified by crystal clear water, deep walls and pinnacles, awesome overhangs and swim-throughs, beautiful pristine corals, huge barrel sponges and large schools of fish. Some of the islands in South Maluku, like Nils Desperandum and Terbang are famous for sightings of hammerhead sharks. Others have walls with colourful softcorals like at Dai and still others are current swept and full of reef fish like the channel at Lelar.

Forgotten Islands liveaboard trips offer divers the opportunity to cruise around this chain of remote, beautiful islands known as the Ring of Fire, while enjoying the casual comfort, amenities and unique service that has made the Damai vessels the most desirable liveaboards in Indonesia.

Damai I and Damai II liveaboards offer multiple dates departing from Maumere, Kupang, Saumlaki or Ambon to fit your every need. Damai also combine dives in the Forgotten Islands with our Alor and Banda Sea itineraries.

If you are flying through Maumere, maybe you would like to take an extra day to visit the natural wonder of Kelimutu, the tri-coloured crater lakes combined with an opportunity to witness the local ladies weaving traditional ikat. This is your chance to buy some authentic souvenirs. Contact our reservations team to organise your bespoke land tour.  

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