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Sargo Boats Sarins Batar Oy AB

Isokarintie 4, 67900 Kokkola

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  • 01.02.02  Sports Boats / Runabouts
  • 01  Boats and Yachts
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Our products

Product category: Sports Boats / Runabouts, Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)

Sargo 36 Fly

Functional, majestic and elegant. The art of widening your horizons.
She looks truly great and she rides in a majestic way. She is the queen of our range. In the case of Sargo 36 Fly there is no denying that size does matter: the displacement is a whopping nine tons which gives a bit of credibility in most maritime situations. The stylish flybridge is spacious enough for five persons to enjoy that breathtaking view while an ingenious CAD-designed wind tunnel minimizes the draught.

The vessel’s elegant utility character is most notable in the tasteful interior and multiple gathering areas. Sargo 36 Fly’s cabin and cockpit have the unmistakable Scandinavian flair of clean lines, well-tested ergonomics, a palette of cool colors and an array of brilliant practical details. It’s hard not to notice and appreciate the overall quality of this stately yacht. She is the very best we can offer. Period.

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Product category: Sports Boats / Runabouts, Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)

Sargo 36 Explorer

Spacious, safe and sporty. Are you ready for a relaxing cruise?
Sargo 36 Explorer boasts our biggest, very seaworthy hull providing a soft and dry ride due to the raised bow section. The extra wide walkaround layout features the non-skid single-level deck now painted in dirt-resistant grey, making it both easy and safe to move around. An extra large sliding cabin hatch consisting of three windows lets the sunshine and fresh sea air in. A nice gathering area can be found on the stern deck.

This stately 36-footer offers two spacious cabins as bedrooms, two toilets and a separate shower cabinet. The standard amenities include an efficient heating system, an inverter, a microwave oven and a well-equipped pantry. The hull is divided into two water-tight sections enhancing the overall safety. If you want to combine sportiness with common sense, Sargo 36 Explorer offers a fantastic trade-off.

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Product category: Sports Boats / Runabouts, Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


Sargo convinces professional users. Our heavy-duty quality is the key.
Sargo’s pro customers, such as police and rescue authorities, rely on vessels tailored for extremely challenging applications throughout the year. Over the years we have delivered a great many professional boats to be used in different parts of the world. This proves that Sargo’s commitment to quality, practicality and utility is widely appreciated.

Every Sargo boat consists of innumerable parts and components, state-of-the-art plotters and gauges and miles of cables. In our case no components or cables are laminated in; this ensures convenient serviceability. A stringent quality control during all phases of production is indispensable. All of our subcontractors have been chosen with utmost care.

Every single Sargo we deliver has been thoroughly tested at sea under real conditions. Our product development is a never-ending process, just like our careful model evolution. To a great number of professional and leisure skippers all around the world Sargo’s heavy-duty quality has proven to be very convincing.

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About us

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"We build boats with care and heart, so that our customers can enjoy memorable and carefree moments while boating"

The Finnish boating industry is renowned for its well-made, top-quality boats. Sargo has taken its quality standards to the next level by using the Sargo Production System (SPS) method developed by Sargo. The method guarantees that the quality of Sargo’s boats remains constant as each production stage is standardised. The boats are 100% hand-made in Finland, and highly-skilled boat builders are responsible for every stage of the building.

Sargo’s boats undergo a rigorous quality inspection at the new boathouse before being handed over to customers. Every part of the boat is tested during the inspection: all electrical appliances are tested, the boat is subjected to a rain resistance test and even the hotplates are checked by boiling water on them. The Boathouse is the only facility in Finland to provide a year-round sea water test environment.

Every Sargo boat is a reflection of its owner: we call them semi-custom built boats as the customer can be involved in designing the boat’s equipment and appearance. To ensure that our customers can enjoy their new boat for as long as possible, Sargo carefully selects the most durable materials and manufacturing methods. For example, we do not use any corrosion-sensitive materials on the outside of our boats or aluminium frames around the windows, which are easily damaged by sea water. These features extend the boat’s life and also help to maintain its resale value.

The Sarin brothers’ enthusiasm about boats and boat building is a guarantee that Sargo’s boats are the best you can get.