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Manta Ray Bay Resort and Yap Divers Corporation

P.O. Box MR, 96943 Yap
1 Manta Ray Road, 96943 Yap
Telephone +691 350 2300
Fax +691 350 4567

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Product category: Services (Diving)

Blackwater Diving

Blackwater diving is being developed in Yap which is the nearest island to the some of deepest parts of the ocean.

Bill is pleased to initiate blackwater diving in Yap and be able to offer another experience in your dive trip.

North American summer is our region’s least windy part of the year, making for favorable dive conditions with near shore access to unique depths.

Exploration blackwater dives have produced cephalopods, baby sailfish, jellyfish of all sorts, crustaceans, juvenile fish and squid predation behavior.

Yap sits on the rim of the Marianas Trench on the island’s East side, approximately 100 miles from Challenger Deep, the deepest on earth. We also have the Philippine Sea to the West – both are being explored for their blackwater potential.

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Product category: Services (Diving)


Yap’s underwater celebrities, the resident manta rays and reef sharks, are between 15ft/5m and 75ft/23m of depth.

Freedivers can experience Yap with our same valet service and comfort amenities.

The opportunities for freediving Yap include clear water with guaranteed big animal encounters, especially sharks and including manta rays with excellent cavern environments.

The southern tip of Yap offers the best topography or “structure” to freedive on. There are shallow swim-throughs, chimneys and tunnels through the reef and out to the blue… all under 80ft/24m of depth.

Fish school on a ridge in Yap’s biggest channel from the surface down to 70ft/22m with nice hard coral and reef life in very shallow water.

The calmest months as far as least expected winds are the North American summer season starting in May and ending October and are excellent for planning freediving trips to Yap.

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Product category: Services (Diving)

Manta Ray Diving in Yap

Yap is gifted with it’s manta ray presence – it’s still one of the only places in the world where you have a great chance of diving with a manta ray any day of the year.

In the winter months the Manta diving is exciting, this is the time when you see small groups of rays and their courtship behavior, mantas dancing.

When you experience a mating train within arm’s reach or mantas balling together in courtship, it’s a “ten” for anyone’s dive log.

Mantas are frequently seen on drift dives transiting channels and there’s occasional outer reef deep blue water encounters. The most common and longest interactions happen at shallow cleaning stations where divers get buzzed by circling rays.

You can go manta diving every day here in small groups at sites inside the reef on calm water after short boat rides just minutes from the hotel dock.

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About us

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Why Manta Ray Bay Resort?

Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers is a small, family-owned, luxury hotel on the pristine island of Yap in the western Pacific Ocean – operating since 1986. Yap has a resident population of manta rays and several shallow cleaning stations where divers can see mantas year-round. In addition to manta ray diving, we love taking our guests to dive among reef sharks, Mandarin and brilliant coral reefs with macro fauna and caverns.

We are proud to have recently been voted by the readers of Diver Magazine UK as one of the top 25 dive resorts worldwide and the Reader’s Choice Award as #5 dive resort in the Pacific/Red Sea/Indian Ocean. Serving only 1,000 divers a year, we offer our guests crowd-free dive sites and VIP service, spa treatments, home brewed beer and a unique bar/dining experience onboard our 100+ year old Indonesian Schooner moored in front of the resort.