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Italia Yachts SRL

Isola Morin, 2, 30015 Chioggia (VE)
Telephone +39 041 4967891
Fax +39 041 5543923

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Our products

Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Italia 9.98

Italia 9.98: one spirit, two versions

The 9.98 models were created by Italia Yachts chief designer Matteo Polli in collaboration with hull designer Matteo Ledri of CapeHorn Engineering for CFD analysis and the interior designer Kristian Macchiut of KMD.

In 2017, the Italia 9.98 Bellissima – almost identical in construction and performance to the 9.98 Fuoriserie – was launched. With only minor modifications needing to be made the Bellissima is designed to be more comfortable to cruise.

Design philosophy
Italia’s 9.98 concept is to make sailing fun. The essential feature is a powerful easy to helm boat that gives you the optimum balance between upwind and downwind performance in strong or light winds. 9.98 Fuoriserie version is a pure race boat designed to win cups in ORC and IRC handicap racing. The 9.98 Bellissima is perfect for both cruising and racing.

Italia 9.98 will have you sailing faster and safer. Winner of two consecutive ORC World Championships 9.98 Fuoriserie is a pure race version. The 9.98 Bellissima is equally as happy flat out in race mode or on a relaxing family cruise.

Both versions of Italia’s 9.98 have the same basic construction and are made of the same materials. Hull and deck are sandwich with a variable density PVC core. The outer layers are biaxial and unidirectional glass fibres impregnated with vinyl ester resin.
A single structural frame, bonded internally reinforces the hull spreading the mast, keel and rigging loads. Hull and deck are finished in gelcoat with the cockpit and side decks having a moulded nonslip surface.

Clever design below the waterline
The use of CFD in designing keel, bulb and rudder together with the team’s regatta experience has led to the perfect balance of performance and handling. The all lead fintorpedo is 40% of the overall displacement and has a very high hydrodynamic efficiency. The foil sections are the result of a careful optimization process: the result is minimum drag and good flow stability in all conditions. The generous rudder area and high aspect ratio has resulted in superb
manoeuvrability and an exceptionally responsive helm.

Yacht of the Year
Italia 9.98 was nominated for the important International award “European Yacht of the Year”, in the Performance Cruiser category.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Italia 10.98

Italia 10.98: A performance luxury yacht

Waterlines and sail plan are the brainchild of the design team of Italia Yachts and Cossutti Yacht Design. They are made to ensure an incomparable navigation experience. The wide teak cockpit, folding transom and the perfect position of hardware on deck means everything is in the right place to ensure great sailing simplicity while cruising or racing. The bright and comfortable interiors, finished in precious teak wood, are the widest and richest in innovative solutions in its category. Italia 10.98 is the perfect boat for cruising or to participate in races. The 10.98 offers class-leading interior space and a more dynamic behavior in the sea, agile and safe.

Cruise at its best with Italia 10.98
Italia 10.98 exterior spaces invite crew to enjoy outdoor life, sailing and at anchor. Two comfortable and large benches make up the all teack cockpit, one of the largest for its size.

The deck is free from running rigging and thanks to the flush-deck hatches and portholes, it is possible to stretch out in the sun almost everywhere. Under the cockpit and stern benches are four large lockers in addition to the dedicated liferaft locker. The open cockpit is completed at the stern by a sunny, teak-covered bathing platform and swim ladder.

Technical Specifications
Naval architecture Cossutti Yacht Design
Interior design Emanuele Pillon / Italia Yachts
Exterior design Emanuele Pillon / Italia Yachts
Engineering & structural design Cossutti Yacht Design
Length over all 11,29 m (37,04 ft)
Max beam 3,65 m (11,97 ft)
Draft 1,90 m (6.23 ft)
Displacement 4.800 Kg (10.582 lbs)
Engine Diesel 20 Hp (opt. 30 Hp) Sail Drive
Fuel 110 litres (29,06 U.S. gal)
Water 200 litres (52,83 U.S. gal)
Sail area mainsail + jib 72 sm (775 sq ft)
Sail area mainsail + gennaker 135 sm (1.453 sq ft)

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Italia 11.98

Italia 11.98: A multi purpose sailing yacht

The Italia 11.98 project is aimed to create a boat that is really adaptable to different uses both cruising and racing. The result is a boat that will inspire the most ambitious pro sailor and, at the same time, will give pleasing cruises to its owner. Fun, highly performing and easy at the helm, Italia 11.98 has an essential and clean design, perfect for racing, without giving up space and maintaining adequate interior volumes and layout for long cruises. Italia 11.98 reintroduces the concept of all-round boat, really able to support the efforts of the best sailing teams, as well as to meet the comfort needs of a more leisure oriented purpose.

Italia 11.98: astonishing performance
Hull, keel and rudder lines comes from several experiences in racing boats optimization field and also from sophisticated studies carried out in collaboration with computational fluid dynamics experts. Also the design of the deck is the result of an extensive research in terms of ergonomics for various uses, design and aerodynamic. The internal layout is developed by the Design Team Italia Yachts coordinated by the designer Matteo Polli, in collaboration with KMD by Kristian Macchiut and Mirko Arbore & Partners. Italia 11.98 is proposed in a single basic model, starting from which it is possible to choose between two different set-up configurations, completely customizable according to the intended use.

Italia 11.98: racing essence and versatility
We can’t deny it: with this new model Italia Yachts wants to repeat, and if possible improve, the prestigious results obtained with the Italia 9.98, multi-winner in all regatta fields all over the world and also winner of two ORC World Championships in 2015 and 2016. But we want to do it starting from a completely new project, which makes the adaptability its most distinctive feature. Italia 11.98 is indeed a unique boat, designed with a special attention to the different international regulations, in particular ORC and IRC. The possibilities of customization in race perspective are many, in order to satisfy both professional top teams and passionate sailors: each one will be able to benefit of the basic features of Italia 11.98, improving the accessories according to the expected level of use. In the ORC regulation, Italia 11.98 is optimized to be the largest boat in Group C. In the top-of-the-line configuration, the boat can be also equipped with carbon mast, carbon boom, bow piston and carbon tiller. Italia 11.98 also offers solutions specifically designed for offshore regattas, also in reduced crew.

Technical Specifications
Naval architecture Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Interior design KMD / Mirko Arbore & Partners
Exterior design KMD / Italia Yachts Design Team – Matteo Polli
Engineering & structural design Olivari Engineering / Italia Yachts Design Team
Length overall 11,98 m (39,304 ft)
Hull length 11,65 m (38,2 ft)
Max beam 3,98 m (13,0 ft)
Draft 2,10 m (6,9 ft)
Displacement 6.200 kg (13.668 lbs)
Engine Diesel 30 Hp
Engine Battery n°1 x AGM 70 Ah
House Services battery n°2 x AGM 70 Ah
Fuel 110 litres (29,06 U.S. gal)
Water 200 litres (52,38 U.S. gal)
Mainsail area 50 sqm (538,2 sq ft)
Jib area 43 sqm (462,8 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 110 sqm (1.184 sq ft)
ORC GPH (provisional) 590

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Italia 12.98

Italia 12.98: a fast, all round yacht

Italia 12.98 was born to navigate the Oceans, combining performance with the pleasure and ease of manoeuvre typical of all Italia Yachts. Italia 12.98 is a fast, all-round yacht, where performance meets safety and comfort on board. With a safe and powerful wave behaviour and soft and delicate touch at the helm, aboard Italia 12.98 you can rediscover the pleasure of sailing to windward, the essence of true sailing. The boat is very easy to steer and always light and reactive to the helm, perfect for long distance sailing and eating up the miles in all weather conditions. Italia 12.98 won the nomination for “European Yacht of the Year” award.

Great performances, easy handling
The hull lines of Italia 12.98 contemplate a proper balance between comfort and performance, borrowing the fluid concepts developed for the 9.98 Fuoriserie with regard to the distribution of volumes, while maintaining the key features for the interior in perfect cruising style.

The fore and aft rake are more obvious than the other models of the yard. The result is a smaller wetted surface area for the benefit of performance in light wind conditions. Aft waterlines sections allow a variabile dynamic length, short in light wind, longer with increasing speed.

Light and strong
The hull and deck are built of sandwich cores with PVC with different densities depending on the construction needs. The skins are laid in E-glass (mat, mats and unidirectional) impregnated with vinylester resin. The lamination is performed at a controlled temperature between 16 °C and 25 °C. Reinforcing plates are inserted in corrispondance of the equipment deck. The central part of the hull is full laminated to improve the resistance to concentrated efforts.

All bulkheads are marine plywood from 15 to 25 mm and are bonded to the hull and gusseted to the internal structure and the deck. The deck is bonded with structural adhesive and laminated internally.

A structural carbon frame is placed inside the hull glued and gusseted, to share the efforts of the mast and the rigging and bulkheads and furniture are fixed over the same. The deck is finished with gelcoat surfaces; the bridge and walkable areas are finished with antiskid from the female mold.The benches and the cockpit are finished in teak 10 mm.

Technical Specifications
Naval architecture Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Interior design Laura Boscolo Meo / Italia Yachts
Exterior design 2pixel Studio / Italia Yachts
Engineering & structural design Cossutti Yacht Design
Length over all 12.98 m (43 ft)
Max beam 4.16 m (13.64 ft)
Draft 2.25 m (7.382 ft)
Displacement 7.950 Kg (17,526 lbs)
Engine Diesel 40 Hp
Fuel 220 litres (58,12 U.S. gal)
Water 360 litres (95,10 U.S. gal)
Sail area mainsail + jib 103 sm (1.109 sq ft)
Sail area mainsail + gennaker 197 sm (2.121 sq ft)

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Italia 13.98

Italia 13.98: unending pleasure

Embodiment of elegance, clean and powerful lines go together with the meticulous care of interior details to define a new level of luxury yachts. Designed both for excellent performances during sailing, Italia 13.98 ensures also the highest levels of comfort on board. Fast and balanced, Italia 13.98 is easy to handle with great control and safety, even by a small crew. The ergonomics and lightness of manouvers allows a perfect trim of the sails.

High performances, easy to sail
The ergonomics and protection in the cockpit, the comfortable grab rails, numerous stowage spaces and brightly-finished interiors make onboard living a pleasant experience characteristically refined and elegant.

The careful study of waterlines, the excellent righting moment, with the “T” shaped keel, the sensitive and deep rudder blade: these are only some of the design aspects that together with the generous but not forced sail plan give to Italia 13.98 a best handling.

A very strong construction
The main construction features of Italia 13.98 meet the rigorous quality standards of Italia Yachts. This results in a stiff while lightweight hull, with an weighty ballast for outstanding performance in all conditions.

Technical Specifications
Naval architecture Cossutti Y.D. / Italia Yachts
Interior design Emanuele Pillon / Italia Yachts
Exterior design Cossutti Y.D. / Italia Yachts
Engineering & structural design Cossutti Yacht Design
Length over all 14.40 m (47 ft)
Max beam 4.30 m (14.1 ft)
Draft 2.50 m (7.87 ft)
Displacement 9.500 Kg (21.000 lbs)
Engine Diesel 55 Hp (opt. 75 Hp) Sail Drive
Fuel 240 litres (63,40 U.S. gal)
Water 480 litres (126,80 U.S. gal)
Sail area mainsail + jib 124 sm (1.345 sq ft)
Sail area mainsail + gennaker 226 sm (2.432 sq ft)

Awards and trophies
Italia 13.98 has won the most important European competition, the “European Yacht of the Year” award in the category “Luxury yachts”. At the presentation during the Genova International Boat Show she won also the award “Regina del Salone” as the best new boat on display.In 2016 she won the prize as the best boat of the year in USA conferred by the two most important American magazines: Sail and Cruising World.

Hull and deck of Italia 13.98 are built in sandwich “E-glass” laminated with vinylester resins applied at a controlled temperature. Reinforced plates are inserted in correspondence of deck equipment, while the central strip of the hull is full laminated. All bulkheads are bonded to the hull and fixed with the internal structure and deck. This is superimposed to the hull, glued with structural adhesive and fixed internally.

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Product category: Sailing Yachts / Cabin Boats (Sail)

Italia 15.98

Designed to cover long distances

In the design of Italia 15.98 the tradition of the great ocean going fast cruisers is reborn and updated to the latest hydrodynamics. “True Bluewater” best describes Italia 15.98, conceived to cruise long distances, combining performance, comfort and timeless style, with the guarantee of safe arrival even under the harshest conditions.

Italia 15.98 is a project by Matteo Polli, Italia Yachts chief designer, in collaboration with the yacht designer Tommaso Spadolini. It is a complete all-round boat with the performance you would expect from a fast cruiser. Seagoing boat behaviour, yet classic and original lines.

The water lines: performance and comfort
Italia 15.98 is design to let you live well on board while sailing. Development of the excellent hull that characterizes the smaller sister Italia 13.98, Italia 15.98 earns the internal hull volume and livebility on deck without substantially increasing the wet surface.
The hull has flared sections with knee high and deep deadrise at the bow. The shape allows a variable stern waterline length, limited with low wind, stretches dynamically with increasing speed.
Very cared are the aspects related to comfort at sea, with careful study on the longitudinal trim and symmetry of the volumes while heeled as well as in the concentration of the weights as much as possible to limit the tendency to pitch.

About construction quality
The hull and deck are made of sandwich with biaxial and unidirectional glass fabrics impregnated with vinylester resin. In the central part of the boat the structure consists of a grid of galvanized steel stringers and floors, to ensure a high resistance to concentrated loads. The structural frame is designed to constitute a closed structural ring, able to distribute in an optimal manner efforts on the hull and deck and to withstand the large loads from the keel, mast and rigging.

Technical Specifications
Naval architecture Matteo Polli / Italia Yachts
Interior design Studio Spadolini / Italia Yachts
Exterior design Studio Spadolini / Italia Yachts
Engineering & structural design Cossutti Yacht Design
Length over all 16.60 m (55 ft)
Max beam 4.85 m (15.4 ft)
Draft 2.90 m (9.5 ft)
Displacement 15.800 Kg (34.800 lbs) ca
Engine 75 Hp / 55 Kw (Optional 110 Hp)
Fuel 600 litres (158,50 U.S. gal)
Water 700 litres (184,82 U.S. gal)
Sail area mainsail + jib 176 sm (1.895 sq ft)
Sail area mainsail + gennaker 320 sm (3.445 sq ft)

Awards and trophies
Italia 15.98 was nominated for the “European Yacht of the Year” award

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About us

Company portrait

Italia Yachts philosophy: design to sail
Our philosophy is defined by CEO Franco Corazza: “We design stylish yachts to sail fast, safely and comfortably in all weather”. Italia Yachts are designed for long distance sailing in a modern style inspired by the elegant lines of yesterday’s Classic Yachts.

Every design project starts with the creation of a perfectly balanced hull and sail plan; sailing an Italia Yacht everyone onboard feels secure and protected in all weather conditions. This design concept has made us a benchmark in the sailing world: in an Italia yacht you will rediscover the true pleasure of sailing.

That special Italia sailing style
The design and build of every model involves the skills of the whole team – each one an experienced sailor. Every team member contributes to the design bringing their own experience and skill to bear. This brings product development to an unmatched level of completeness resulting in an unrivalled harmony of hull design and sail plan.

A clever design for a unique product
The stern section is drawn to limit the wetted area, this makes for an easy motion forward of the mast counteracting the usual tendency of the bow to dig deep into waves. Thus, creating a smooth and comfortable ride. The adoption of particularly well-balanced sail plan and high-efficiency keel and rudder together with a lead torpedo bulb completes the clever design.

Our history, awards and trophies
2011 Italia Yachts shipyard established at Chioggia – Venice
2011 Italia 10.98 hull 001 launched
2011 Italia 10.98 debut at the Genoa Boat Show
2012 Italia 13.98 hull 001 launched
2012 Winner “ADI Interior Design Award” – Italia 13.98
2013 Winner “European Yacht of the Year” – Italia 13.98
2014 Italia 15.98 hull 001 launched
2014 Nomination for “European Yacht of the Year” – Italia 15.98
2014 Winner “Best Boat at Genova Boat Show” – Italia 15.98
2014 Italia 9.98 Fuoriserie hull 001 launched
2015 Winner ORC World Championship 2015 – Italia 9.98 Fuoriserie
2015 Nomination for “European Yacht of the Year” – Italia 9.98
2015 Italia 12.98 hull 001 launched
2015 Winner “USA Cruising World Best Performance Cruiser” – Italia 13.98
2015 Winner “USA Best Yacht of the Year – Sail Magazine” – Italia 13.98
2016 New production plant at San Giorgio di Nogaro opened
2016 Winner ORC World Championship 2016 – Italia 9.98 Fuoriserie
2016 Nomination for “European Yacht of the Year 2017” – Italia 12.98
2017 Italia 9.98 Bellissima launched
2019 Italia Yachts 11.98 Fuoriserie vince il campionato mondiale ORC