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Atana Musandam Resort LLC Freestyle Divers

Musandam Governorate Khasab Coastal Road, 811 Khasab
Telephone +968 26 730888
Fax +968 26 730888

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Diving Schools

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Product category: Diving Trips

Dibba Fujairah

Set nestled in the valley of the surrounding mountains, with the soft waves caressing its tranquil beaches, diving Fujairah offers by far the best diving in the UAE! Home to a variety of dive sites starting from sites with just a few meters of depth, perfect for snorkeling to deep wreck dives for the technical divers among you who would like to explore on a twinset or CCR.

Dive our house reef, which is the only Marine Protected Area in UAE. Dive sites here are influenced by the Indian Ocean and boast coral and extensive macro-life, perfect for the underwater photographers out there. After diving here for years, our instructors and guides still find new life they have not seen before. In addition, we have reef sharks, turtles and the chance of bigger pelagic species. The East Coast of UAE really offers something for everyone!

Another thing that makes the East Coast the best diving in UAE is that diving conditions here are very comfortable. Whether you are a beginner diver taking their PADI Open Water Course or DSD to the experienced divers among you wanting a relaxing weekend break from the city. Whatever ‘your style’ is, we at Freestyle Divers will make it happen & help you enjoy it!

At Freestyle Divers, we have multiple boats running back and forth to our more local dive sites and a night dive boat every weekend which consequently makes it harder for you to miss out on a dive. We are also able to offer a refresher dive if needed, just let us know upon booking!

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Product category: Diving Trips


Freestyle Divers diving trips to Musandam give divers a chance to experience the well known treasures that it holds. Most of the dives you will do on our diving trips to Musandam are drift dives, so the boat will come and pick you up at the end of each dive. Dive Musandam for a new adventure!

The best diving can be found around islands or headlands and mostly consist of gentle sloping reef. On most of the dive sites we access on our diving trips to Musandam, you will experience hard corals within the first 10 meters. After this the reef is taken over by  soft corals.

On our diving trips to Musandam you can find purple and blue whip corals, which are endemic to the region. For photographers the blues and purples against the emerald waters of the Musandam provide an interesting contrast of colours, which can result in unique pictures that stand out from your regular dive photos.

Enjoy seahorses and nudibranchs, as well as sharks and rays. Whatever your interest, dive Musandam has it all!

We offer full day trips which normally consist of two dives and assistance crossing the border from the UAE.

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Product category: Diving Trips

Khasab, Oman

Freestyle Divers can arrange your complete getaway – Scuba diver training and diving excursions to see all Khasab has to offer.

At Freestyle Divers, we want you to Dive your style. From a single tank recreational setup to twinsets, side-mount diving, or even closed circuit rebreathers.
Scooters, air or mixed gas, wet suit or dry suit, photography and video, or even Free-diving.
We support them all and we will make every effort to deliver what you need, when you need it.
The Aquarium at Dubai has nothing compared with the underwater world in Khasab.
Either with your favourite dive team or with maybe your kids join us for just a day or for a even week. Why not Check out a the many sites we have?

Whatever your motivation for diving is, we believe every diver is unique and welcome at Freestyle Divers Khasab.

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About us

Company portrait

Khasab. Musandam. Dive the Fjords of Khasab

We all strive to find that perfect dive destination. For most divers, it’s not just about the diving, it’s about the holiday experience too.

All those years ago, when Egypt was a place we thought we were the first to experience, we were pitching Bedouin tents on the shores and waiting for an eternity for our portable compressor to do its magic.

Khasab takes you back to those days. Although more developed, the diving remains unspoiled and pristine. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman. Khasab in Musandam has one of the widest bio-diversities of marine life in the world.