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Setur Marinas Tek-Art Kalamis ve Fenerbahce Marmara Tur Tes AS

Munir Nurettin Selcuk Caddesi Kalamis Yat Limani Kadiköy, 34726 Istanbul
Telephone +90 216 3462346
Fax +90 216 3461656

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Antalya Marina

About Antalya Marina
Setur Antalya Marina, which opened in 1991, is conveniently situated inside the Antalya Commercial Harbour, behind a massive breakwater, providing excellent protection against all weather conditions. The marina is located 30 km from Antalya International Airport and just 10 km from Antalya city centre. It has everything a city marina should have, including a peaceful,safe and fun environment for its guests.

The marina can accommodate 235 yachts on sea and 150 on land, for a total of 385. The depth in the marina is 4 to 6 meters. During the summer season, many mega yachts,up to 90 meters,are served at the mega yacht pier.
The marina,with a hard standing area of 30.000 m², provides all sorts of technical support, repair and maintenance services with 75 and 200 ton travel lifts. There is a yacht repair, maintenance hangar(900m²) and a team of experienced specialists.

Setur Antalya Marina was rewarded with a “Blue Flag “ by the FEE(The Foundation for Environmental Education) and Five Gold Anchors by TYHA (The Yacht Harbour Association) for its commitment to environmental issues and service quality.

The guests of Setur Antalya Marina benefit from the rich culture and art life of Antalya throughout the year. In March and April, you can either ski in Saklıkent or go to the beach for a swim. Antalya also offers great golfing opportunities, being one of the top golfing cities in the world for the longest period of the year.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Ayvalık Marina

About Ayvalık Marina
The entrance to the Ayvalık harbor, virtually resembling a lake, is a narrow canal, which is known as the Dalyan strait. You might not notice the cardinal lighthouse placed to signal the beginning of the canal. The south cardinal lighthouse, resembling two upside-down cones (lit at VQ (6) + LFI 15s at night) marks a shallow spot on the north side of the entrance. Furthermore, just to the southwest is a red buoy, which marks the southern tip of 5-meter depth.

Once alongside the lighthouse, set your course in between the three pairs of concrete lighthouses spaced 40 meters apart on both sides of the Dalyan strait. The depth inside the canal is 6 meters. The sea depth is a maximum 4.7 meters in the marina, and anchors may not be cast due to its vaulted floor. Bringing yachts to land, lowering them to sea, and pressurized-water washes are some of the services offered. Repair, upkeep, wintering, and periodic care services are some of the services that can be arranged by the service staff. In addition to periodic services such as yacht batteries charging, bilge checks, drying, and motor operations, every sort of mechanical, technical, electrical, carpentry, and painting work can be done as well.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Çeşme Marina

About Çeşme Marina
There are no critical approaches to the Setur Çeşme Marina. Maximum depth in the Marinas is 4 meters, and since kedges are laid, you do not drop anchor. Services are provided by tug boat in this Blue Flag marina on a 24 hour basis. Yachts are provided beaching, launching and wash down services as well as winter services and periodic maintenance services to include battery charging, bilge water control, air conditioning, working engines etc.

Maintenance and repair services provided by workshops within the  marinas include all kinds of paint application and care, osmosis protection and treatment, polishing,  varnishing, epoxy-polyester work, all kinds of main engine, generator and outboard motor repair and overhaul, various carpentry services as well as repair assembly and maintenance of electrical equipment and appliances.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Finike Marina

About Finike Marina
Setur Finike Marina doesn't have any critical approach feature. Maximum depth in the Marinas is 5 meters, and anchorage isn’t possible in the Marina due to the vaulted berths. Mooring and security services are provided in this Blue Flagged marina on a 24 hour basis. Also, lifting-launching and bottom cleaning services are provided by the Marina. Wintering and periodic maintenance services are included battery charging, bilge control, ventilation, engines running and etc.

Maintenance and repair services provided by workshops within the  marinas include all kinds of paint application and care, osmosis protection and treatment, polishing, varnishing, epoxy-polyester work, manufacture and repair of sails, tarpaulin, boat covers, bimini canopies, spray-hoods; all kinds of main engine, generator and outboard motor repair and overhaul, turning, stainless and galvanized steel work, wooden deck components, furniture manufacture and repair as well as repair assembly and maintenance of electrical equipment and appliances.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Kalamış & Fenerbahçe Marina

About Kalamış & Fenerbahçe Marina
One of the greatest chains of the Mediterranean basin, and the greatest of Turkey in marina operations, Setur Marinas offers services with 11 marinas, namely the Kalamış & Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Marmaris, Finike, Kaş, Antalya, Lesbos and Gökova marinas, and a mooring capacity of over 6.000 yachts.

Located in one of the most beautiful coves of Istanbul, Kalamış & Fenerbahçe Marina is the largest of Turkey and of the Setur marinas. The Kalamış and Fenerbahce Marinas in which the headquarters of Setur Marinas is located offers all the beauty of a 3000-years-old city along with the service quality of Setur Marinas.

The Setur Kalamış and Fenerbahçe Marinas present no critical approach characteristics. The maximum depth for the marina is 6.5 meters, and is not suitable for anchoring as it is vaulted. Service is provided through the use of a mooring boat at the Setur Kalamış and Fenerbahçe Marinas. In addition to beaching, launching and hull washing services provided by the marina in the dry dock area, all kinds of wintering and maintenance services are offered by  other enterprises operating within the marina. Among the maintenance / repair works carried out by the workshops within the marina are paint application and maintenance, osmosis protection and treatment, waxing, lacquering, epoxy - polyester works, sail, tarpaulin, winter cover, bimini-top, sprayhood manufacture and repair, all kinds of main engine, generator and outboard engine repair, lathe works, wooden deck and furniture manufacture and repair, and electrical and electronic equipment repair, assembly and maintenance.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Kaş Marina

About Kaş Marina
Kaş Marina is set to become one of the Mediterranean region’s most modern marinas to date; reuniting Kaş with its historical maritime identity to turn it into a thriving sea town once again. With a 472 berthing capacity, Kaş Marina has a dry storage capacity of 160 boats. The marina has seven floating pontoons and a breakwater and with a convenient water depth will provide mooring facilities for all types of boats, inclusive of super and mega yachts. Service buildings, the marina yacht club, restaurants and shops are all to be found within the marina’s 3 thousand square metre enclosed area, providing yachters with all the facilities and leisure outlets they need. With secure Kaş Marina meets the absence of a marina on the Fethiye – Kemer coastline and will become a favoured destination for sea lovers.

There is a maximum depth of 40 metres in the marina and boats are not allowed to anchor as there are lazy lines for mooring provided.

Kaş Marina offers 24-hour hawser service. Beside lifting, launching and high pressure washing facilities provided by the marina, it is also possible to take advantage of wintering and maintenance services from technical workshops located at the yard.  Osmosis protection and treatment, paste, varnish, epoxy - polyester works, sail canvas, winter cover, bimini-top,  sprayhood production and repair, all types main engine repair work, generator and sterndrive, lathe works, production and repair of wooden deck and furniture, repair, assembly and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment are all provided in the marina.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Kuşadası Marina

About Kuşadası Marina
A marina on the Aegean coast, where you can be closest to Ephesus, one of the best preserved and most famous ancient cities of the world, to the Artemis Temple which is one of the 7 wonders of the world, to the House of the Virgin Mary, and to the Church of St. John. A shopping and tourism centre which is on the cruiser routes of the world's most famous operators. Matchless natural beauty, authentic handcrafts, and a very rich and bustling world. Perfect service both in marina life and in technical support with the Setur Marinas quality standards. While achieving great calm and peace in this largest marina of the Aegean Sea, you can spend a fast and fun holiday in Kuşadası, not very far away.

Setur Kuşadası Marina is situated very close to the Aegean's famous historical and touristic centres of attraction. In addition to the ancient city of Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. John, and the Artemis Temple, the Aphrodite and Apollo Temples, and the ancient cities of Miletus and Priene receive visitors every day between 07:30 - 17:30. The Güzelçamlı (Kalamaki) National Part 37 km so Kuşadası is among the famous picnic and sightseeing areas of the region with its natural beauty. In addition to the Marina and its vicinity being suitable for fishing, fishing tours are organised especially during winter. The most important products of the region are figs, grapes and olives. Turkish carpets, handcraft, jewellerry etc. also attract much attention.

Also, the Women's Beach and the Kuştur Beach in Kuşadası, as well as the Pamucak Cost known for its fine glittering sand are among pleasant options for swimming. The diving school within the Marina offers special diving tours. It is possible to enjoy all kinds of watersports in the aquaparks, beaches and numerous tourism facilities in Kuşadası and its vicinity.

A 45-ton boat mover and a 162-m new floating dock were commissioned in 2011. After the ongoing modernisation investment is completed, Kuşadası Marina will become a 5-gold-anchor marina. Also, Kuşadası Marina is one of the important marinas where yachters can have compulsory procedures such as entry / exit and passport checks performed. Having a climate that is hot and non-humid during summers and warm during winters, and an active life that continues 12 months, Kuşadası has become a permanent accommodation venue for yachters.

Also, the fact that the İzmir international airport, which is at a 75 km distance, is open through the year makes it a resort of choice for domestic and especially foreign yachters.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Marmaris Marina

About Marmaris Marina
Netsel Marmaris Marina, one of Eastern Mediterranean’s most prestigious marinas since it was founded 23 years ago, has been serving as the sixth marina of the Setur Marinas chain as a joint enterprise of Torunlar Real Estate Investment Company and the Koç Group.

One of Netsel Marmaris Marina’s most prominent features is that it is an “urban marina”. The marina, which is adjacent to the historical Marmaris Fortress and the entertainment area, is within two minutes’ walking distance to the Marmaris city centre.

With its strong breakwaters and its naturally safe haven positioning, Netsel Marmaris Marina is one of the safest shelters against adverse weather conditions.

The marina has a total of 830 berths of which 130 are dry berths. Wireless internet is also provided free of charge. Among the services provided to marina guests are computers, printers, Internet access, daily weather reports and contact info of technical services in the front office.

The port also has mooring services, 24 hour surveillance camera assisted security, slipway and boatyards up to 100 tons as well as a shopping centre carrying goods from many well-known brands, technical services, fuel station, laundry and swimming pool.

Moreover, Netsel Marmaris Marina is among the main sponsors of Turkey’s largest yacht race Marmaris Yacht Races Week. Netsel Marmaris Marina has one of Turkey’s largest marina shopping centers hosting more than 40 brands. In its shopping centre, the marina caters to yacht owners and the local population with its restaurants boasting rich menus, elegant cafes, and various companies operating in the yachting field ranging from apparel to accessories as well as car rental services.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Midilli Marina

About Midilli Marina
Our marina situated in Greece’s third biggest island Mytilini, we have 220 in-water slips as well as 35 dry-dock berths on land.

Mytilini, is a Greek island with rugged terrain in the north-eastern Aegean. It is closer to Turkey’s province of Ayvalık than mainland Greece. It is the third largest Greek island following Crete and Euboea. Its capital is Mytilene. It is the birthplace of Greek poets Alcaeus and Sappho. Barbarossa Hayrettin Pasha was also born on this island in 1467.

It has the bays of Geras and Kallonis and numerous coves and promontories. The most important lowlands of the island are Kalloni, Ippion, Perama and Eressos. Its highest mountains are Olymbos, Lepetimnos and Psilokoudouno. Although rich in olive trees, the island is also full of pine, spruce, plane, chestnut and beech trees. The western part of the island is barren while the east is full of olives and pine.

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Product category: Marinas / Yacht Harbours

Yalova Marina

About Yalova Marina
Started operations in 2010, Setur Yalova Marina is the 7th addition to the Setur Marinas Chain. The Marina is located at city center. With 240 berths for yachts upto 30 meters and a dryberth capacity of 80, Setur Yalova Marina is the only marina on the Sea of Marmara other than Istanbul marinas, offering an alternate course for Istanbul’s yachtsmen seeking a charming blend of nature, comfort and convenience. The Marina further renders itself an ideal transient waypoint on the cross roads from Black Sea to the Aegean.

It stands out with its competent and experienced staff, its 100 ton travel lift and  harbours and extensive range of technical repair and maintanance capability in specialized workshops and further hosts a well equipped shipchandler store. The Marina commercial facilities, restaurants and amenities offer a wide range of leisure experience and quality time to its visitors.  Setur Yalova Marina is conveniently located next to the fast ferry docks which are only within walking distance, making Pendik and Yenikapı Istanbul a convenient getaway spot. The Marina is therefore only 20 minutes away from the two International Airports of Istanbul after debarking the ferries (Pendik –Yalova ferry 40 min, Yenikapı-Yalova 1 hr 10 min)

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About us

Company portrait

Welcome to Setur Marinas...

Koç Group Company Setur Marinas began its operation in 1978 with Çeşme Altınyunus Marina. Setur Marinas, which is one of the numbered chain businesses of the Mediterranean Basin in the marina sector, is also the leading marina chain in Turkey.

Setur Marinas, which manages a total of 10 marinas including Kalamış/Fenerbahçe, Yalova, Ayvalık, Midilli, Çeşme, Kuşadası, Marmaris, Kaş, Finike and Antalya, is the most important brand that supports the growth of the marina sector in Turkey.