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Saare Yachts OÜ

Sadama tee 10, 93872 Nasva, Saaremaa

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  • 01.01  Sailing Boats & Yachts
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Product category: Boats and Yachts


We have been sailing our Saare 38 for five seasons now..
So far she has taken us on trips to Estonia, Finland, Alands, Sweden, Denmark and of course the German coast.

In summary we can say that she is an extremely comfortable and well built cruiser that you can always rely on and that is a pleasure to sail. We have sailed her in light winds as well as in winds up to strong gale. She behaves nicely in waves and she is easy to control and gives good feedback. The boat sails really fast and with little effort.

In my opinion the cockpit and deck layout are perfect for a small crew, functional and ergonomic. I have never seen a better configuration. The cockpit offers good shelter. With a small kid on board you sometimes have to operate the boat in singlehanded mode. Even that works well - sitting sideways at the wheel you can reach mainsail and even the genoa winch.

We really enjoy the well-thought good details below deck. Handrails to prevent falling when sailing in rough seas, powerful heating in all cabins - even in the bath room, a great solution for the shower (can be separated by a foldable door), efficient insulation, well done illumination (especially the floor lights when sailing at night).

However, although the Saare 38 actually is an easy-to-handle and comfortable cruiser, it is also fun to take her out for racing. Over the last years we were able to achieve quite a few remarkable results in regattas (ORC Club and Yardstick). She performs extremely well, especially upwind.

For us she is the perfect boat. Thanks for designing and building her.

Peter C.

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Product category: Boats and Yachts

Saare 41ac

When I started working with Saare Yachts in 2008, my own first Saare was the 41cc (centre cockpit) . A fine cruiser and a comfortable yacht . After a short time I could say that this yacht was much faster and better performing than I had expected. As I had been into racing before and still wanted to sail some club races, we decided to build the Saare 41 as an aft cockpit yacht with the same hull, keel, rudder and rig. This, much bigger cockpit makes manoeuvring faster, and easier with downwind sails.

When my wife and I sailed the first Saare 41ac from Saaremaa to Eckernförde in autumn 2012, we encountered a lot of wind. One long night from Lithuania to Poland was particularly bad, it was dark for 12 hours. The weather forecast predicted a nightmare. We had 30 to 35 knots of wind for most of the night, and 43 to 45 knots for a few hours. We kept using the autopilot all night, and it worked perfectly. After this trip, we have complete trust in our boat. Since then, we’ve known that the Saare 41ac is the perfect cruiser, even in bad and heavy wind conditions.

Two years later, we sailed the Aalregatta with 134 competing yachts. At the start, the wind was up to 8 knots. This was the maximum of the day. A long spinnaker course with 3–6 knots of wind brought us to the finish line. We arrived in 6th place with only a few big racings yachts before us. Overall, we won this race.

Today, we know that the Saare 41ac is our perfect yacht. Strong and stiff, fast and safe in heavy wind while also great-performing in light wind, very comfortable, well-insulated, and build in the best Scandinavian tradition.

Thomas Nielsen
The owner of Saare Yachts OÜ

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Product category: Boats and Yachts

Saare 41 cc²

The Saare 41 cc², new generation of Saare central cockpit version boats.. spacious and safe while capable of dashing across water at racing speed. No matter the weather, a Saare is your reliable companion ready to sail to any point of the compass. The Saare 41 cc2 stands apart with a king size island bed in its large aft cabin. Natural wood, stainless steel and fabrics of the highest quality create the atmosphere in this spacious, light-filled yacht.

“.. The low resistance hull shape reflects latest thinking through its ability to carry loads without losing in cruising comfort or sailing performance, both upwind and downwind. The general layout emphasizes spaciousness and functionality with a high freeboard and a roomy cabin. Even with the open spaces, the interior provides excellent support for extreme conditions with good access to key areas.”

Karl-Johan Stråhlmann
Saare designer

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Product category: Boats and Yachts

Saare 46 cc

Dear Peeter, Dear Thomas
The very first Saare 46 ever built, „Lucky Dane“, has ended its maiden voyage. We arrived at our home port Vordingborg yesterday, after a long trip that brought us home from Estonia through Finland, the Åland Islands, the Stockholm archipelago, Kalmar, Rügen, Eckernförde, the islands south of Fünen, Aarhus, and Kerteminde . The log now shows 1334 nautical miles.

So, I can with confidence say: We tested the boat in real life, from 0° Celsius in Finland to 30° Celsius in the Stockholm area to pouring rain in Denmark. Winds ranged from zero to gale-force, some of the harbors were narrow, crowded, and windy.

However: The Saare 46 is very easy to maneuver, even with only 2 sailors on board. The Saare 46 sails extremely well - and I must add - fast. The Saare 46 is well insulated (which we appreciated at nighttime in Finland). Everything on board has been built to very high craftsmanship and technical standards, and we enjoyed the fine details every day. And not forgetting, everything on board is still in perfect working order after our long trip.

As you must remember, I wished to take a big part in deciding what the layout and all the details of the yacht should be like, and I must say, Peeter and his team realized my ideas and wishes in a very professional and skilled manner. Before starting our first journey home, I thought I would keep a list of all the features that could be improved for the second Saare 46, but I could not come up with one single thing. This goes to prove that you carried out my ideas perfectly.

Thank you for a great job.
Hans G., Denmark
Owner of Saare 46 No. 01

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About us

Company portrait

At Saare Yachts OÜ, we are working hard to make the most of modern technologies and our heritage. Located on the small island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea, we are part of an ancient local maritime culture and boat building traditions.
Today, the craftsmen’s skills are employed creating an ensemble of the best of time-tested composite materials and components supplied by well-known manufacturers.

The story of Saare began in February 2007 when Stig Nordblag, founder and longtime owner of Finngulf Yachts, and myself were having lunch at the Helsinki Boat Show. We talked about life, and about sailboats. Stig had just retired, and complained he was getting bored with his only hobby being washing his car. Changes at Finngulf had also freed up some spare time for our partner Karl-Johan Stråhlmann. And that’s how we made the decision to start something new.

That’s where we put down the vision of the brand, and laid out the concept of the first yacht. The name, Saare, came a little later. We’re based on the island Saaremaa, and saar is the Estonian word for ‘island’. We’ve always valued the meaning, ‘island yachts’, but the name also seemed comfortable for native speakers of other languages.

Today, the Saare fleet consists of 3 different-sized yachts just as we first planned. We have reached our main aims. Saare yachts are fast high-quality cruisers which is what we intended from the beginning.

Peeter Sääsk
Managing Director of
Saare Yachts OÜ