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AST - Advanced Sailing Technologies GmbH

Fritz-Zubeil-Str. 68, 14482 Potsdam

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Our products

Product category: Dinghies

The Foiling Dinghy

The Foiling Dinghy 
The foiling single-handed dinghy for everyone. 

The Foiling Dinghy is a modern dinghy, which enables you to foil at an affordable price. A bit of dinghy experience is enough to learn foiling very quickly. The complexity is reduced to a minimum since the foils are self-adjusting and self-tacking. Also the boat is very forgiving and easy to launch.

Boat specifications.
Length:                                           3.85m
Width:                                             1.80m
Beam with foils exposed:        2.10m
Draft launching:                          0.15m
Draft foils exposed:                    1.10m
Hull weight:                                  30kg
Overall weight:                            55kg
Sail area:                                         9.5m² (standard) or 7.5m² (youth)
Min. lift off wind speed:            8 knots
Top speed:                                     25 knots+
Crew weight:                                 55 to 95kg
Fun factor:                                      massive
Needed experience:                   low
Design category:                          D
Ready-to-foil price:                    12,990€ incl. VAT
Design & engineering:              Thilo Keller

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Product category: Dinghies

L12 Lowrider

We proudly introduce the newest family member: The Foiling Dinghy non-foiling, the Lowrider L12.

The L12 builds on the very successful design of The Foiling Dinghy with #91 built in October 2019. It's a simple and easy to use dinghy with an outstanding performance. With its wide planning hull it offers sensational and fast downwind rides and still gives you a lot of stability for quick upwind sailing. It's the latest hull design on the dinghy market with a wave piercing bow. The comfortable cockpit with EVA non-skid invites you to enjoy sailing. Thanks to the ergonomic design all controls are within reach. All controls are supplied with high quality hardware and (dyneema) ropes - because performance matters. The L12 comes with a powerful rig with a carbon mast with track and halyard to fit the 7.5m² or 9.5m² North Sails fully-battened laminate sail. Our promise: It only takes 5min to get ready to sail. The L12 is built in carbon reinforced epoxy sandwich applying vacuum infusion technology. This provides the highest quality available on the market and ensures absolute one design, with less than 30kg hull weight. With that weight you can easily transport the boat on your car roof. Delivery starts in April 2020, made in Germany. Pre-orders open now.

Boat specifications.
Length:                                           3.82m
Width:                                             1.58m
Draft launching:                          0.10m
Draft sailing:                                 0.95m
Hull weight:                                  30kg
Sail area:                                        9.5m² (75kg and above) or 7.5m² (55 to 75kg)
Crew weight:                                55 to 105kg
Fun factor:                                     massive
Needed experience:                  low
Design category:                         D
Ready-to-sail price:                    9,500€ incl. VAT
Hull construction:                       carbon reinforced epoxy glass fibre sandwich
Design & engineering:              Thilo Keller

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About us

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AST - Yachts & Composites

We focus on the engineering design and manufacture of high performance boats and components to optimize the performance of a sailing vessel. We are one of the few specialists for foiling in Europe and the specialist in Germany.