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Nero-Sport Dive Center Dennis Mohr

Limni Keriou, 29092 Zakynthos

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Diving Schools

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.02  Services (Diving)
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Our products

Product category: Diving Schools

Kid's Diving

For your kids the holiday should be a special experience, which kid does not want to stick his head under the water, especially when the parents rave about it? This is why we offer you every possibility to offer your kids every opportunity to get a little closer to diving. Specially trained Children Dive Instructors will assist them into Neptunes Realms. Not only above-but also underwater is your Child in good hands.

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Product category: Diving Centers

Diving at Zante

Despite the growing dive tourism, we are proud to offer you more then 20 beautiful and varied dive sites. The south-west coast of Zakynthos in particular, offers grottos, caves, crevices and steep drop offs, and a few reefs. This impressive underwater landscape provides the perfect backdrop for wonderful dives. Connoisseurs and experts have repeatedly confirmed: amongst one of the most beautiful dive sites that Greece and the Mediterranean has to offer."
With fantastic visibility and mainly short journeys, we offer you 2-5 day trips. Night dives are up to 3 times per week. The dive sites of Zakynthos are ideal for underwater photographers and videographers. Groupers and Seriolas, moray eels and octopuses, lobsters, slipper lobsters and shrimps, rays and colourful vegetation are unique designs. Particularly impressive are the encounters with the turtles that come to lay their eggs regularly in the bay.

We also offer day trips with our catamarans "Cat Cat" & "Neraki". As the only dive centre on the island, we transport you with max. 10 divers to the National Marine Park of Zakynthos to experience absolutely pristine dive sites in the north of the island. Since 2015 we are visiting the wreck of the sunken ferry "Zakinthos" in 1989 and the Strofades-Islands, about 25 miles south of our island, also doing trips all around the island with fantastic dive sites.

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Product category: Diving Centers

Diving at Shrimp Cave

The shrimp cave is located at the same dive site as the archway and the altar cave, but is rarely dived and is (still) treated as a real insiders tip: She is also at the aforementioned steep wall, but is considerably smaller and has a sandy bottom, buoyancy control issues or not keeping your distance to the bottom will swirl and cloud up the water - especially near the entry of the cave – leaving bad visibility. Furthermore is the cave entry in a depth around 30 Meters; meaning that this dive – even if the small cave entry (around 20 Meter) is still visible – is this dive only for experienced divers who have gathered knowledge in the Entrance Areas of Caves and Grottos (the so called "Cavern-Zone")

The special attraction of the cave is – as the name says – the thousands of Shrimps (Rhynchocinetidae), who live in the back, dark part of the rock crevice. Maybe she could have also been called the "Hake-Cave", as nearly five to six big Hakes, use the light of the torch to chase their favourite dish – ultimately Shrimps – “ in the light”…and to consume it. Caution: over this fascination of this spectacle it is easy to “forget time” : The maximum stay in the cave should be around 8 – 10 Minutes, because when you exit the cave, you will have to go to 30 Meters to exit the cave. If necessary you have to incur a short Decompression time.

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About us

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A very warm welcome
is assured by Family Mohr and the Team from Nero-Sport Diving Centre, Zante/Greece

We offer family friendly diving in greece at Top-Spots of the Mediterranean. Let yourself be impressed by a reef full of life, sensational steep walls and easy to dive caves and caverns. As well as perfect conditions for diving children, we also offer free child care during the dives.