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boot 2020 hall map (Hall 4): stand D39

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boot 2020 fairground map: Hall 4

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Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts

Timoner 500 Spacer

Possess big properties for the lovers of the fishing. Like the Fishing 5.00 the Cabin is spaciously, from a porthole lighted up and is fitted out with carpet. Further it offers two comfortable sleeping places, possibility to insert a chemical WC, a table, a refrigerator and a cook stove with 1 fire. The Cab 500 was planned consciously with a very spacious interior, suitably for the lovers of the fishing also in winter.

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Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts

Fishing 500 Spacer

The Fishing 5.00 possesses many characteristics to be appreciate from the fascinated of nautical sport for who wants to live in sea in absolute relaxation. The ease in the spacious interior room and the possibility of to have two seats removable, give that a touch of class and put into practice that for some time comes researched from the fascinated some fishing and of the sea. The spacious cabin illuminate from a porthole and finished off from carpet, offer two comfortable sleeping places, besides from the possibility of to have a chemical WC, a table, a refrigerator and a stove to one fire. The Fishing 5.00 was planned for those who from a small cabin want to have all, convenience, safety and enthusing achievement, for spend a weekend of charm in entire autonomy.

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Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts

Cabin 18 Spacer

Born from the experience of the smaller Fishing 500 it is come out successfully itself because of the characteristics of the navigation, for those which loves watersports and the sea. The spacious interior allows to have 2 removable seats and a comfortable bench in the rear which offers place for up to 6 persons. The spacious cabin lighted up by a porthole and a trapdoor and is fitted out with carpet. Further it offers two comfortable sleeping places, possibility to insert a chemical WC, a table, a refrigerator and a cook stove with 1 fire. The Cabin 18 was planned for those which would like to spend a weekend with family or friends on the sea.

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Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts

WA Summer 23 base Spacer

This is a perfect boat for those which loves the sea, it unites practice and comfort, reliability and the dynamic style that is typical for Italmar. The boats is specially interesting for the comfort and the soft lines. The boat is equipped with a bench in l-form in the rear that can accommodate up to 5 persons and besides the pilot can sit themselves other 2 passengers. In the bow a cozy berth can accommodate comfortably up to 4 persons. The cabin offer a large double bed, which is over the watertight obstruction room, and a separate wc. The WA Summer 23 permitted to experience the sea in entire freedom and harmony, without renunciation of those things, which let handle a boat dynamically, excellently and easily.

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Product category: Motorboats & -Yachts

Open 16.50 Spacer

Go by the sea a boat of these dimension simply satisfaied who exparienced it. The dimension of Mistral 16.50 do themselves that is a very interesting boat because it everything what a large open should possesses, with a central console. The side walls give expect the security that all research. The large berth is to be reached easily through the ship ground, even emptying itself. The roomy obstruction rooms permit to stow it very well the endowments and the sporty instrumentations.

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About us

Company portrait

Italmar as firm praises a twenty-year experience in the pleasure crafts field, born for the constancy and for the love that the Dolce family has for the nautical sector, and as for all great firms thanks to the tenacity and to the will of all people that work for the firm, today has a qualitative and aesthetic standard such to assert itself on the pleasure crafts market between the better in its category.

Italmar staff commitment has made carriable the crafts manufacturing that can be considered not sinkable, the hull manufacturing system divided in three watertight sections, allows also in case of water boarding treading water.

 Also Italmar crafts design is carefully studied in all its particulars, the soft lines and the scrupulous spaces distribution, brings Italmar crafts beautiful and comfortable, the Cabin 23 results to be, between all similar crafts, the highest, and the unique one where it is possible to stay comfortably standing.

But Italmar crafts aren’t only beautiful and functional, are also sure, in fact they have a CE certification, and sea tested before to be commercialized, are also of easy maintenance that makes unchanged in the time its original qualities.

Also after the sale Italmar craft continues to be followed, in fact the firm has prepared to create a problem solving window that guarantees the post-sale assistance.