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Via Colluzio A. Croceverde, 82, 90121 Palermo (PA)
Telephone +39 345 4957109

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boot 2020 fairground map: Hall 10

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 13  Marinas / Docks / Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities / Equipment

Water-Sports Facilities / Equipment

  • 13  Marinas / Docks / Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities / Equipment
  • 13.02.05  Pontoons

Our products

Product category: Pontoons

Floating Villas

Since its establishment ACM has been designing and manufacturing excellent products for marinas. Recently the company has introduced another dimension of exclusivity, the Floating Villas. These proposals express the discreet and effortless luxury and elegance so typical of fashion house. Innovative shapes, precious materials and functional objects that are not different from sculptures, in their own expressive ways, displaying harmony, energy and an innate sense of proportions. Designed to outdoor spaces where to unwind to entertain and admire the seasons as they chase another in breath-taking sunsets.
Italian technologies are used in each villa project including the external and internals walls, photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, sewage waters treatments, water desalination system, air-conditioning, etc. We have based the design of single project on using green technologies with zero carbon emission, naturally adapt to the surrounding context.

A made-in-Italy designed intended for high level consumers, sensitive to the appeal of a minimal, but at the same time well-defined design and extremely comfortable. Elegant, sophisticated and glamorous, ACM floating villas project creates exclusive atmospheres with its unmistakable style where luxury and nature blend perfectly.
A new approach to luxury, enhancing the value of exclusive villas in exclusive locations.

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Product category: Pontoons


The floating pontoons AW are characterized for robust frame designed for the most standard marina layouts. The perfect combination of robust welded metal frame and concrete floats makes this product versatile for both moorings for leisure boats and commercial vessels as fishing boats, Coast Guard boats, small ferries, etc.

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Product category: Pontoons


The peculiarities of floating pontoons PW can be summarized in two concepts: robustness and weight. Pisa pontoon line is ideal for seasonal installations and no sheltered sites.

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Product category: Pontoons


The floating pontoons VW are the ideal product for prestigious marinas, ensuring high performance against corrosion. Designed for sheltered installations the section of the main profile provides easy positioning along the frame for all mooring accessories.

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Product category: Pontoons


The floating pontoons Varadero provide stability reaching high overload values. Constructed entirely with hot-dip galvanised reinforcement and high quality concrete make this product exceptionally durable. Perfect system for public installations, landing pontoons and floating villas.

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Product category: Pontoons


The concrete floating pontoons CWSY are the prompt response to meet the demand of mega-yachts moorings. Maintenance-free, high loading capacity and stability, durability, very strong structure, wave resistance and environmentally friendly are the values of this excellent product.

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Product category: Pontoons


The wave attenuator GW is designed to achieve high values of attenuation for installations where the fixed breakwater requires high costs of construction. Excellent product finds application where the fetch is 6 km, with less of 4 seconds wave period. The wave attenuator Genoa ensures the construction of marinas in inland waters or internal areas of commercial harbours granted as recreation activities.

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About us

Company portrait

ACM Ltd designs and produces quality products for marinas and small craft harbours.

The philosophy of ACM lies in the continuous development of its products. This ensures that our products satisfy any specifications required in the projects of modern marinas. ACM now offers a complete range of top quality pontoons. The high quality of the pontoons and over 15 years of experience give our customers the confidence of having safe and profitable marinas. The excellent results in delivering complex and modern installations have increased the prestige of our company, both in the Italian and foreign markets. The continuous dialogue with our customers and the market demand for modern and advanced products have strengthened our position in the industry.

• Consulting during both the preliminary phase and the implementation of the marina
• Marina engineering plans and berthing layout
• Determination of wind and wave climate
• Pontoons and anchoring calculations
• Final design necessary for the project pricing
ACM is experienced in supporting the customers through the different phases of project. ACM can assist you in future expansions and renovations of your marina.