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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.01  Electric / Electric Systems
  • 03.01.02  Power Supply Modules / Generating Sets

Power Supply Modules / Generating Sets

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.01  Electric / Electric Systems
  • 03.01.05  Inverters / Transformers
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.01  Electric / Electric Systems
  • 03.01.06  Batteries / Accessories

Batteries / Accessories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.01  Electric / Electric Systems
  • 03.01.08  Monitoring Systems / Alarms

Our products

Product category: Battery Chargers

HPOWER chargers now DNV-GL qualified

CRISTEC HPOWER chargers are now available with DNV-GL type approval :
Models HPO-CERT in 12V/90A, 24V/45A, 60A, 80A & 100A with CAN BUS & touch-screen control panel.
This globally recognized certification further confirms that HPOWER chargers are designed for use in harsh environment: extreme temperatures, high level of vibrations, fluctuating AC power network, EMC.
This is the demonstration of the reliability and robustness of this range of chargers, entirely designed in France by CRISTEC.

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Product category: Monitoring Systems / Alarms

Battery monitor

CRISTEC battery monitor BAT-MON monitors up to 3 battery banks or power generation (DC source) & 3 additional battery voltage readings.
It operates at 12 & 24V and is suitable for all battery types (incl. Lithium).
It shows all relevant data: voltage, current, remaining capacity & time of the service battery and 1 additional voltage for starter or bow battery. It also records battery history data.
BAT-MON can also supervise battery capacity and control the generator using 1 potential free contact.

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Product category: Battery Chargers

Extended range of YPOWER DC-DC battery chargers

Brand new range of YPOWER DC-DC fanless chargers/converters enabling to charge a 12 or 24V battery bank from a 12 or 24 VDC power source with a smart 5-step charging curve.
4 models in 800W : 12-12/60A, 12-24/30A, 24-24/30A, 24-12/60A.
They match all battery types (wet & sealed Lead, Calcium Lead, gel, AGM,Life PO4, etc.) and can be configured as simple converter or battery charger.
The most typical case of use is the 24V bow-thruster battery bank charge from the 12V onboard network.

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Product category: Battery Chargers

YPOWER MPPT solar regulators

Brand new YPOWER fanless solar regulators are designed for installations in 12 or 24V, medium & high powers.
MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking) increases the efficiency of solar panels enabling to recharge batteries faster.
Thanks to a charge regulation similar to a battery charger, it matches all battery types : wet & sealed Lead, Calcium Lead, gel, AGM, Lithium, etc.
Detection of the input voltage is not automatic to avoid any major malfunction in the event of a faulty output battery.

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Product category: Battery Chargers

YPOWER AC-DC battery chargers now with 5 year warranty

YPOWER range : automatic & autonomous HF battery chargers now with 5 year warranty starting from 2020 !

Innovations :
- No cooling fan : for silent operation
- Plug and play connection : quick, easy and safe; avoiding the need to open the charger
- Advanced 5-step automatic charging curve : extends battery life
- Suitable for all battery types
- Simultaneously charge 3 battery banks
- Un-matched high temperature performance; no de-rating up to +60°C
- Designed and manufactured in France

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Product category: Battery Chargers


Specialized in the design of automatic battery chargers for more than 30
years, CRISTEC is proud to offer you high quality battery chargers for the
toughest conditions for professional and recreational purposes : HPOWER.

• 5-STAGE CHARGING PROFILE to ensure fast and complete charging, power-supply mode available
• FULL POWER up to +50°C ambient with no derating allowing rated charge for intensive use in hot or confined place
• 3 ISOLATED BATTERY BANKS with no current limitation
• SUITABLE FOR ALL BATTERY TYPES : flooded, Lead-sealed, Calcium-Lead, AGM, gel, Lithium, etc.
• INCREASE battery life 

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Product category: Battery Chargers

YPOWER chargers with intregated options

The very popular YPOWER chargers are available with factory integrated otions
The relays board allows 2 alarms to be transmitted through dry contacts :
Alarm Low Battery voltage  is triggered if the voltage of the battery bank is less than :
- 10.2V for 12V models
- 20.4V for 24V models
Alarm Charger Fault is triggered if :
- Charger is OFF
- Charger fails
- Output fuse has blown
- Charger voltage is less than :
o 11V for 12V models
o 22V for 24V models
CAN-BUS interface allows to communicate with a monitoring system or any other peripheral device using this mode of communication.

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Product category: Monitoring Systems / Alarms


The voltage guard protects your battery in order to increase its duration life. lt provides a constant low voltage, overvoltage and overload protection.
When you battery reaches the pre-set low voltage the voltage guard will disconnect automatically the OC consumers.
OC consumers will be switched on again automatically when battery voltage increases and when defined threshold is reached.
The system will operate the same say way for over-voltage.
Low voltage threshold can be selected from external OlP switches. The over-voltage value is fixed.
The system can be used as manual main switch. The output is turned off when the switch is closed.
ln this mode the voltage guard will only operate as battery low voltage protector.
The voltage guard has an integrated buzzer and LED to monitor its operating state.
lt is compliant with all Lead battery types : wet, sealed, gel, AGM, Calcium, etc.

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Product category: Monitoring Systems / Alarms


This brand new innovating remote display is offered as option for HPOWER, YPOWER battery chargers (1) and shore-power units (1) , 12V and 24V.
It displays information about the charging process while the charger is running as well as battery supervision when AC network is off.
User friendly thanks to its 2.5’’ color touch-screen.

• Battery voltage (up to 3)
• AC network status : voltage and frequency
• Total charger’s output current
• Charge status (Boost, Absorption, Floating)
• Battery pack temperature (if optional probe connected)
• Brightness night and day mode to be activated by pressing
the center part of the screen

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Product category: Inverters / Transformers


CRISTEC isolation transformers avoid electrolysis in salted water.
Slow galvanic corrosion not only occurs in metal and aluminium hulls. It can occur in any metallic part being in contact with water : anodes, shafts,etc.
CRISTEC isolation transformers eliminate any electrical continuity between the boat AC on-board network and the shore-side supply.

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Product category: Batteries / Accessories


The electronic battery isolators (MOS transistors) prevent the current from fl owing from one battery set to another and allow to automatically direct the current of charge to the lowest charged battery.
As they do not create any voltage drop unlike the usual diode splitters, the effi ciency of the charge circuit is improved.
Easy to connect, they automatically fi t to the 12 or 24Vdc input power supply voltage.

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Product category: Inverters / Transformers


The aim of the inverters is to convert batteries direct voltage into 230VA C/50Hz alternating current.
The SOLO digital sinewave has reduced the number of components and increased the equipment reliability.

The SOLO inverters deliver a sinusoidal wave identical to mains supply.
Their physical characteristics enable a wide scope of applications : marine, mobile, renewable energy, industry, etc.
• Data processing :
vehicule equipped with computing equipment, on-board computer, automatic systems, etc.
• Télécommunications :
radio communication relay, on-board telephony, radio stations and beacons, radionavigation, etc.
• Lighting :
security lighting, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, etc.
• Domestic and industrial equipment :
domestic appliances, television, portable tools, refrigerators, micro-waves, etc.

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About us

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French designer and manufacturer of rugged electrical power products, CRISTEC offers expertise on an international scale via its range of standard products mainly for on-board applications, whenever the situation or energy management demands are particularly stringent: switch-mode battery chargers, battery monitors, pure-sine inverters, isolation transformers, shore-power units, DC-DC chargers/converters, MPPT regulators, voltage guards and MOSFET battery isolators.

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Area of business Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories

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