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Nautic Clean Pierre Alexandre Jeandel

Parc Logistique Eurohub Sud, 3434 Dudelange
Telephone +33 677 055435
Fax +352 677
This company is co-exhibitor of
Bukh Bremen GmbH

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.05  Boat Building Materials / Maintenance
  • 03.05.10  Corrosion Inhibitors
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.05  Boat Building Materials / Maintenance
  • 03.05.22  Preservatives / Detergents
  • 03  Shipping / Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.05  Boat Building Materials / Maintenance
  • 03.05.23  Cleaning Equipment / Tools

Our products

Product category: Cleaning Equipment / Tools


AUTODRY SHAMPOO PERLOBAN® developed to facilitate the maintenance of all boat surfaces. Its technology called Perloban®, releases the active ingredients facilitating the self-drying, in addition to the conventional classical washing characteristics. This solution deploys a water film uniform to rinse, allowing the drying and water evaporation in a homogeneous way. With a full control of the steps of surface maintenance, the AUTODRY SHAMPOO PERLOBAN® components prevent the appearance of limestone traces or various salts, usually present after cleaning.

Advantage : no need to wipe. Technology, ease of use and handling, AUTODRY SHAMPOO PERLOBAN® is used on all types of materials: gelcoat, glass, stainless steel, Plexiglas, plastic, etc. Apply, rinse, let dry: its innovative combination of specific hydrophilic polymer ensures an impeccable result. Its formula is guaranteed without waxes and silicone. Mainly composed of surfactants of vegetable origin, AUTODRY SHAMPOO PERLOBAN® does not contain phosphates, chlorine, or NTA. Biodegradable, this product makes surfaces clean and bright, with the greatest respect for environmental standards.

Instructions for use

1. Dilute 50 – 150ml of product
in 5 to 10 liters of water, depending on the dimensions of surface to be cleaned.

2. Apply the solution
scrub with a brush, rinse with clear water from the top down without pressure and then let dry. The results are exceptional.

3. Rinse the surfaces with a jet of water.
CAUTION : Do not use high pressure jet. Do not use non-diluted in direct contact with the surfaces to be treated. Do not ingest. Do not dispose of residues to the sewer.

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Product category: Cleaning Equipment / Tools

Scaling cleaner for hulls

Properties of Scaling cleaner for hulls
  • Restores whiteness and revives the gelcoat very quickly
  • Removes the yellow veil, and traces of corrosion
  • Removes algae, shells, all residues of pollution
  • Removes all streaks of rust
  • Recommended on stainless steel to eliminate the formation of corrosion
CAUTION : We recommend to use the product with care. Wear an appropriate protective equipment (gloves, goggles / visor, overall and shoes)! This is an acid product.

Instructions for use

1. Spray
the surface to treat, let stand 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Rub
with a paintbrush or a brush

3. Rince
then rinse with clear water. CAUTION: acid product, we recommend to wear gloves, goggles and a protective overall. Do not dispose of residues to the sewer.

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Product category: Cleaning Equipment / Tools

Coatinium® nano-wax shampoo

06 Coatinium® nano-wax shampoo New cleaning solution with ‘LOTUS’ effect for boats

Developed for frequent boat washings, Coatinium ® nano-wax shampoo does not alter the gelcoat, or paint; on the contrary, it protects and revives them. Another advantage, it helps to clean and protect all supports such as :

stainless steel – glass – plexiglas – wood – plastic – covers, etc…
New formula which has the advantage to deposit a nanofilm to protect against water, which repels dirt, sea spray, algae. Its nano hydrophobe effect permanently removes a maximum of water by «lotus» effect when rinsing. The deposited nanofilm accentuates and revives the colours, creating a deep and unequalled, shiny effect even on dull paint. Due to its neutral pH and its components of vegetable origin, it respects health and environment.

We recommend to handle the product with care. Wear the suitable protective equipment.

Instructions for use

1. Dilute 40 ml
of Coatinium ® nano-wax shampoo in a 10 litre bucket of water

2. Apply
with a brush or sponge. Rub.

3. Rinse with clear water
wipe with a dry cloth or a squeegee. Do not dispose of residues to the sewer. Dispose of the product and its container as hazardous waste.

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Product category: Cleaning Equipment / Tools

Professional Universal Cleaner

09 Professional Universal Cleaner Gelcoat, painting,Stainless steel, glass, wood vinyl, skai

Alkaline detergent specially formulated for boats, containing specific complexing agents and sequestrants to solubilize perfectly traces of sodium, calcium, fat, smoke deposits, atmospheric dust. Specially conceived to clean gelcoat but also stainless steel, glass, plexiglas, chrome, etc…
Professional Universal Cleaner, with surfactants of vegetable origin, respects the environment and contains no phosphates, NTA, chlorine, silicones. Very economical, because highly concentrated, it allows lower dosages.

Instructions for use

1. Dilute 40ml
of Professional Universal Cleaner in a bucket with 10 l of water

2. Apply
with a brush or sponge

3. Rinse well with clear water
then wipe or pass the squeegee. For intense stains : dilute 10% with water in a bucket or in a spray bottle, apply and rub with a brush or sponge, and rinse with clear water, then wipe off.

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Product category: Preservatives / Detergents

Express wax

Properties of 10 Express wax

Express wax is a cleaning solution specifically developed for the express treatment of boat surfaces. Emulsion with high quality wax, Express wax revives quickly and without effort paints or other materials aboard all types of boats. Its concentration in protective agents deposits a shiny film that protects, nourishes and maintains materials. The Express wax formula facilitates the cleaning at every use. After application, Express wax restores shine and luminosity of gelcoat, stainless steel, Plexiglas, plastic and polycarbonates. Its components give a flawless result and are soft to the touch. Active cleaner with degreasing properties, this product is extremely functional, easy to use and suitable for daily use.

Components features : 
Detergent : effectively removes dirt.
Mild abrasive : removes impurities, encrusted dirt and resistant deposits.
Wax : protects and shines, makes surfaces easier to clean and pleasant to touch.

Instructions of use

1. Express use:
pour a dose Express wax on a cloth.

2. Apply on the surface
By rubbing lightly. Wipe after drying.

3. For best results
Nautic Clean® recommends Microfiber cloths A1 or A2 of the FLOWEY® «Accessories» range. Do not dispose of residues to the sewer. Dispose of the product and its container as hazardous waste.

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Product category: Corrosion Inhibitors

Passivation & rust remover gel

Passivation & rust remover gel Stainless steel – Steel – Aluminium

The PASSIVATION & RUST REMOVER GEL is the perfect solution to eliminate corrosion, oxidation on surfaces such as:

stainless – steel – alloys – aluminium – chrome.

Acid base gel developed to remove rust, deoxidize, degrease and passivate stainless steel, steel, aluminium. Easily removes rust and its passivating action protects against corrosion. The treated materials look as new.

Avantages :

  • high-speed deoxidising action
  • degreasing action, eliminates various types of dirt
  • Passivating action, protects by chemical reaction against corrosion
  • Gel formula, does not drip and adheres to vertical surfaces, avoids splashing.
Caution :
We recommend to handle the product with care. Wear an appropriate protective equipment (gloves, goggles / visor, overall and shoes)! It is an acid product.

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Product category: Preservatives / Detergents

POLISH Pro-Ultra Fine

Professional polish, new generation, based on abrasive POLYGRADTM micro-crystals. P11 PRO-ULTRA FINE is a finishing polish for gelcoats and paints in excellent or new shape.
After having applied P13 PRO-CUT and P12 PRO-MEDIUM, P11 PRO-ULTRA FINE guarantees a perfect result, a high gloss and anti-hologram effect.
Protects the surface with a film of PTFE. Gives a soft touch effect.

Instructions for use:

1. With a polisher
Use a polisher with a soft foam pad and a very soft micro-fibre until the desired result.

2. Manually
When applying manually, start with a soft polishing cloth and finish with a micro-fibre towel. The result will be stunning.

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Product category: Preservatives / Detergents

Pneumatic & semi rigid POLYMER PROTECTION

Properties :
Film-forming polymer protection specially designed to provide an anti-soiling treatment and a glossy finish to pneumatic and semi-rigid tyres. Owing to its film-forming polymers, it forms a protective film against salt, dirt, air pollution and UV rays.
Facilitates cleaning, delays soiling. Allows materials to keep their original appearance.
Exceptional “wet effect” shine (« wet look »). Long-lasting. 

Never apply the product in direct sunlight. Test first on a hidden area before use.

  • Hypalon neoprene
  • PVC
  • Gelcoat
Respect usual safety measures for the use of chemical products and wear the appropriate individual protection equipment.

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About us

Company portrait

NAUTIC CLEAN ® is born from a passion for sailing and
a real commitment to environmental protection.

By choosing the laboratory FLOWEY ® for its design, we have more than 20 years of  experience of over 20 years in the manufacture of detergents and car maintenance. The products of our range NAUTIC CLEAN ®, tested and approved by FLOWEY ®, adapt to all types of support. NAUTIC CLEAN ® allows maintenance of gelcoat, glass, PVC, aluminum, stainless steel, wood, polyester, leather, but also sails, fenders, tires … Products meet the EU required safety and environmentals standards.