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Nevskogo Str. 2, Siedlung Lesnoy Wohnung 1, Gebiet Zelenogradsk, 238534 Oblast Kaliningrad
Russian Federation

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  • 01.02.04  Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)

Our products

Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)

Real Ships COURAGE

Yachts of this model range are the most functional and available steel displacement-type yachts of Real Ships family. Due to the ergonomic design the COURAGE model compactness has almost no impact on the yacht general capacity. There is a master cabin in the bow with possibility of having a double bed or other furniture (e.g.: two single beds, a transforming bed and comfortable sofas).

This model can be effectively used in the charter fleet due to the combination of affordable price and easy-to-drive. We ensure your comfort and safety in your future voyages thanks to construction possibility of the vessel up to 11,95 meters long, perfect technical complete set, high level works, high-quality interior design and one of the best Vetus Deutz engines with the power of 85 h.p. / 62 kW .

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


This is a pleasure yacht with an open cockpit designed for a long 4-8 persons onboard stay. The RESPECT yacht gives you all opportunities to spend a day off with your friends and to have a fascinating travel with a family and a complicated sea passage – .

A spacious master cabin, a guest or children’s cabin, a spacious cook galley, a shower and a bathroom, designed and completed to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated travelers are at the owner’s disposal. The cruiser hull made of category A ship-building steel up to 14,65 m long, reliable Vetus Deutz engines with the power up to 170 h.p. / 125 kW, carefully designed safety and comfort complete set will allow you to feel comfortable and secure, being onboard of this yacht, both in the coastal and in the sea water areas.

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


Undoubtedly this is one of the best joint developments of the dutch designer Jan Visser and Real Ships team. The main advantage of the yachts of this model is a comfortable master cabin with a separate toilet and a shower room in the aft and guest cabins on the bow.

The arrangement of the cabins with accurately zoned living space advantageously differs it from other yacht models therefore it is more comfortable and more convenient to be in a such yacht, . The bridge control mounted on the aft deck provides very good visibility and allows you to feel confident in any navigation conditions. A cozy salon is located in the central part of the yacht where the team and onboard guests spend most of their time. The steel hull and the reliable Vetus Deutz engine with the power up to 170 h.p. / 125 kW guarantee safety and confidence of steering both in the coastal waters and in the high seas.

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


This model has all advantages of OK family and it is re-equipped with the powerful, comfortable and multipurpose flybridge.

The steel hull can be up to 15 meters long. The yacht is equipped with all necessary things besides a capacious cockpit, a spacious master cabin, 1 or 2 cozy guest cabins, a big cook galley, a bathroom and a shower in an excellent complete set, there is also a big and functional flybridge. There is an additional post of steering, an inflatable boat or other equipments on the flybridge, and you may get additional space for the rest with the help of soft furniture. You will realize any ideas of ideal pastime on water choosing the RESPECT FLY model.

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


TRIDENTE is the perfect combination of a rapid form and impressive contents inspired by the traditional refinement of the Italian yachts.

Typical for the current model almost vertical stem not only satisfies recent fashion trends in shipbuilding industry but also sensibly improves the ship performance. More powerful design of the exterior details, the ship and navigation equipment specification, two Vetus Deutz engines with the power of 210 hp/155 kW each and absolutely individual interior design set these yachts aside from others. 

TRIDENTE gives another level of the opportunities as well. The yachts can be built under an ocean class A, and they can sail in more dynamic, transitional mode in case of marine aluminum hull construction. You will be pleased to enjoy the quintessence of esthetics and comfort for unforgettable sea voyages with an impressively large salon, a kitchen zone with the dining room, a respectable master cabin for the yachtsman, 2 – 3 guest cabins, several bathrooms and shower rooms, a capacious cockpit, a tremendous swimming platform and well-chosen first-rate equipment.

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)

Real Ships RUBICON

A real expeditionary trawler RUBICON with a powerful steel hull up to 18 meters long is classified as A category ocean class yachts.

The Krupp high quality shipbuilding steel, two reliable Vetus Deutz engines with the power up to 231 h.p. /170 kW each, the most professional ship equipment, a full navigation package, covering all the details plan and the most modern materials complete equipment make it possible for this model yachts to be ranked as the most elite class of steel displacement-type yachts – ocean trawlers.

Autonomy of such yachts may reach 2000 nautical miles due to the impressive fuel and fresh water reserves, and navigability conforms to the yacht requirements of the expeditionary class. At the first level there are: 2-3guest cabins with separate bathrooms, a comfortable master cabin with a bathroom and a shower room, the storage and the engine compartment; at the second level there is a captain’s cabin, salon, kitchen and dining zones, and also a huge cockpit with the sofas in the aft. On a spacious flybridge there is the second post of steering, comfortable sofas, a solarium and aspecial place for a rigid inflatable boat. Interior decisions and the highest quality finishing of all rooms along with technological equipment and all performed works provides the RUBICON TRAWLER yachtsman with the widest opportunities in any sea-voyages and expeditions.

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Product category: Motoryachts / Cabin Boats (Engine)


High permeability and comfortable houseboat MIGRANT, the development of “Real ships” and design studio Reingard Design.

This vessel is designed for year-round in the waters, and for long journeys, including in difficult navigation conditions. A distinctive feature of this model is a powerful, steel, deadrise hull with ice belt, allowing to freeze the ship docked for the whole winter.

The hull is where all life-support systems including large tanks tanks, allowing easy winter in the waters, eliminating the problem of filling or pumping out tanks. The vessel is equipped with necessary appliances, fully furnished and ready to move in. In the classic version, houseboat – a symbiosis of yachts and houses, where priority is given to comfort and ease, and in the case of this model is also the highest reliability and patency.

MIGRANT houseboat built according to the norms of the European Communities Council of Europe, under the supervision of the Dutch company DMI (Dutch Marine Inspection). Upon completion of construction of the ship assigned to the category of navigation C, CE certificate is issued and SIN number. MIGRANT Houseboat presented in two projects: MIGRANT 1350 XC and MIGRANT 1650 XC.

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About us

Company details

LLC Ushakovo Yards is the modern shipbuilding company that strictly follows all Dutch shipbuilding industry rules and canons providing steel, luxury displacement-type yachts in the Kaliningrad Region since 2012. 

We use the most advanced equipment and design decisions in the shipbuilding process to build the highest quality motor vessels up to 20 meters long. Shipyard’s specialists have completed full training including internships in Holland. This fact along with our commitment to what we do guarantees high-quality of our yachts. 

Due to our project and design skills we have a unique opportunity not only to build standard models but also to select the best individual solutions realizing the desires of the most sophisticated clients. 

The production location in Kaliningrad Special Economic Zone allows us to offer very attractive price. The yacht building for the Customer is not a simple choice of the concept and model from our portfolio first of all it is a direct construction management participation in cooperation with our technical specialists. You may make changes in exterior design, choose the color scheme for your yacht, determine equipment and, what is important; you may participate in interior design creation: both in components arrangement and in common design concept of rooms. For your convenience, our production process is organized in a manner that you may define your involvement in the process including your participation in the production meetings.
In result of such cooperation you will get an individual yacht according to your taste, desire and possibilities! As a result of the vast experience and partnership with the European yacht industry, the Ushakovo Yards Company is the official representative of many equipment suppliers, broker and charter companies. Our cooperation can be multifaceted and highly effective!

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