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Expert - Tours CC Owner Rainer Schimpf

23, 7th Avenue Walmer, 6070 Port Elizabeth
South Africa

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Diving Schools

  • 08  Diving
  • 08.02  Services (Diving)
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Our products

Product category: Diving Centers

Sardine Run

SardineRun promises to be a awesome again !
We adhear to the Code of conduct as per:

The Sardine Run occurs annually from February to August !
The sardine Fishing season starts around the 15th January each year.
It starts on east coast of South Africa between Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth.
First mass bunker, sardines, makrel and garfish gather in shoals until about June , and then with the winter storms hitting the coast, from July, the fish move north along the Eastern Cape up towards Durban. They can cover a distance of about 1000 km along the eastern coastline over a period of 6 month - of South Africa, which makes it defiantly the biggest marine migration in the southern hemisphere.
If the fish is moving, depends on weather and currents and is unpredictable between East London to Durban.

Sardine Run tours start from February to June (summer) in the area between Mossel Bay - Port Elizabeth
or if the fish moves north from June to about July (winter) along the coast between Port Elizabeth to Port St Johns.

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Product category: Diving Centers

Shark Diving

Expert-Tours goes Shark diving

Our Shark diving is aligned so that we dive as many different shark species. There are reef dives carried out in and around Port Elizabeth to offshore dives around Makko sharks and blue sharks and white sharks cage diving.

Sand Tiger Sharks, Dogfish Sharks, Gray Sharks, Copper Sharks, Mako Sharks, Blue Sharks and White Sharks!

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Product category: Diving Centers

Reef Diving

Port Elizabeth offers a variety of different dives to reefs. On offer in the underwater world is a colourful world of soft and hard corals. Rock formations, known as gullies, through which you are immersed by the ideal hiding places for the whole year here in which to find sand tiger sharks (Ragged Tooth Shark). Also, copper, Dusky-, dogfish Mako or hammerhead sharks are found on the reefs off Port Elizabeth to Port Alfred.

Any time as full charter for groups possible.

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About us

Company portrait

Dive Expert Tours -  Adventure Marine Tours

 We, Silke and Rainer Schimpf, offer an unforgettable adventure in and on the Indian Ocean.

We are the only one offering the Big 8 (Dolphin, Whale, Shark, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard) in one package.

Since 1999, we are the specialists in the:
Sardine Run
Shark Diving
Reef Diving
Dive Safaris - Trips of a lifetime
Penguin watching
Bird Watching
and Expeditions on the Ocean / Norway / Indonesia / Mauritius / Madagascar / St Helena and more (query your adventure)

We will dive or snorkel on our productions or dive tours according to valid rules and regulations of our present permit conditions of Ocean & Coast.(and regulations in other contrys will be obeyed)

We take care of adventure tourists, film & photo crews and Marine Logistics in and around Port Elizabeth and along the entire South African coast.

Port Elizabeth is the outdoor and water sports capital of South Africa with everything your heart desires and one of the most diverse dive sites in the world!

Join us for the tremendous beauty of South Africa above and below water. We know every inch of the information collected by us and assure spectacular adventure marine tours