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Bahia Tours Inc. Anthony's Key Resort, Roatan

12575 Orange Drive Suite 302, 33330 Davie, FL

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Anthony’s Key Resort

Don’t be surprised if you find that your favorite afternoon pastime during your stay is lazing in one of our hammocks, enjoying the sights and sounds of the water. However, if you’re in the mood for some adventure, you’ll find a variety of water-sports equipment on the key’s small beach. Enjoy an afternoon dip in the swimming pool, or unwind with a luxurious massage at Ixora Spa.

Back on the main island of our Roatan resort, you’ll find one of our most Instagram-worthy spots. With sweeping views, fiery sunsets, and tucked away in the palm-studded hillside, you’ll enjoy spending time in our restaurant and Frangipani Bar. Sip a refreshing cocktail and satisfy your appetite with delicious island fare.

On the dockside, you’ll find the Scuba School, Seaside Gifts & Photos, Photo Roatan, AKR’s Snack Shop, Dive Shop, and the dock with a fleet of state-of-the-art dive boats. A short walk will take you to the Roatan Museum and Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences.  There you can sign-up for educational programs and activities with the dolphins at Bailey’s Key.

At Anthony’s Key Resort, you’ll have a vacation with the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility during your getaway to Roatan.

If you need a little inspiration to plan your trip, take a look at our Roatan all-inclusive vacation packages.

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Mesoamerican Barrier Reef

Steps Away From An Underwater Wonderland — Mesoamerican Barrier ReefRoatan’s reef system is a lure for divers from all over the globe in search of natural adventure and pristine waters. And it’s no wonder. It’s the world’s second largest barrier reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, and it just happens to be our backyard. Also, Roatan’s warmer water and gentle currents make for great year-round visibility.

From vibrant coral, massive sponges and peaceful eel gardens to schools of tropical fish, fleets of eagle rays and sea turtles — marine life here is abundant and mesmerizing. There are approximately 35 dive sites located from West Bay in the south to Man of War Cay, and Anthony’s Key is ideally situated in the middle.

The island’s reefs and drop-offs are teeming with colorful marine life and are ideally suited for novices and experts alike. Surrounded by the longest barrier reef in the hemisphere, Roatan’s diving sites offer everything from hard-core wrecks and deep fissures to peaceful eel gardens and shallow terraces where countless macro photo opportunities abound.

Coral grows thickly on walls that begin in crystalline waters as shallow as 20 feet below the surface and drop to the purple depths of the Caribbean. Squadrons of eagle ray, schools of brightly colored tropical fish, and the occasional meandering shark are just a few of the Roatan scuba sites that delight divers.

Several large wrecks submerged near the resort, await exploration. With water temperatures averaging 80 degrees or warmer, gentle currents and visibility ranging from 50 to 100 feet, Roatan is a favorite among visitors who prefer their diving colorful, thrilling and unswerving.

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Dolphin Dive

Roatan’s Ultimate Open Water Experience!
To begin, you’ll attend a top-side orientation that includes a question and answer session. Here, you’ll learn about dolphin diving etiquette. After your five-minute boat ride, you’ll land at a beautiful reef wall where you’ll descend to a white sand bottom at 60 feet. The dolphins are then free to interact with you as they choose. The unstructured setting allows guests to learn more about the complex way that dolphins form relationships and communicate. These sessions are limited to a small group, including a dive guide, dolphin behaviorist, and videographer. 

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Personalize Your PADI Certification Course

Perhaps you’ve completed your Open Water classroom instruction at home and wish to finish your certification by completing your open-water dives in Roatan’s warm waters. Maybe you’ve logged enough dives to move on to Advance Open Water status, or want to specialize in wreck diving.

We offer any combination of Scuba courses desired to meet your personalized training needs and schedule — from Discover Scuba all the way to Instructor!  As a PADI Career Development Center, we offer vocational oriented and continuing education training, preparing individuals for dive industry careers.

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Weekly Night Dives

The reef takes on a new look as the nocturnal creatures become more active, and guests are often treated to views of octopus, unfolding basket stars, spiny lobster and more! Just before sunset, AKR’s dive fleet departs for twice-weekly night boat dives (Tuesdays and Thursdays). The two night-dives are scheduled to accommodate mid-week check-ins. Night dives are typically moored dives.

Flashlights are available for rent through at Photo Roatan to enhance your night vision.

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Shore Diving

If three boat dives daily and two scheduled weekly night boat dives don’t quench your dive thirst, then our shore dive site will! The dive shack on Anthony’s Key is staffed and equipped with air tanks for easy beach access to “Front Porch” reef, a vital area of the reef ecosystem.

Among the varied seascape, you may observe eel, grouper, and octopus as they descend to depths of 40 feet or more, as well as schools of blue tangs, parrotfish, angelfish, damselfish, sea fans, star coral, and brain coral. In addition, a small plane wreck in the lagoon at 30 feet is an excellent training tool for students and novice divers.

Available Monday thru Saturday from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

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About us

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Anthony’s Key Resort

Five decades ago, we envisioned a small intimate hideaway. We wanted to create a resort that gives guests an authentic island experience and embraces the beauty of the Caribbean as nature intended. While our popularity may have grown over the past 50 years, we still pride ourselves on maintaining our peaceful slice of Paradise.

What is it about Anthony’s Key Resort that keeps guests coming back year after year? We think it’s a combination of our gorgeous location, plenty of things to do, and our amazing staff.