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Magic Island Dive Resorts Inc. Magic Resorts

Basdiot, 6032 Moalboal, Cebu

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Magic Island Resort

Magic Island is nestled between palm trees on the west coast of Cebu Island in the town of Moalboal. Ideally located between the town center and Panagsama (the main touristic area), offering a nice quiet location to relax. Situated right on the rocky coast line, giving perfect access to the amazing house reef with a drop off down to 50m, sporting an array of marine creatures from giant green sea turtles, frogfish, Pygmy seahorses and unspoiled coral reefs.
With 10 individual cottages on the premises and a dive center fully equipped to handle thirty plus divers, it never seems overly busy, allowing you to fully enjoy all of our amazing amenities, all of the time.

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Product category: Diving Centers

Diving in Moalboal

It’s why we are here! If you haven’t noticed already, Magic Island is primarily a Scuba Diving Resort. Of course everyone is welcome but we mainly cater to divers or people who are interested in becoming divers.

Our dive center is located right on the sea front, facing out towards our fantastic house reef where you can dive any time, day or night. Inside the dive center everyone has their own individual post and crate, giving lots of space to hang or place all of your dive gear. Outside there is lots of room to prepare your equipment, plan your dives or just sit in the sun and soak up some rays. Most of the time the tide is high enough that the boats can pull up all the way to the dive center, so it just one step and you’re aboard.

We have 12ltr/80ft³ aluminum tanks with both DIN and Int. connection, suitable for both air and Nitrox. Of course the tanks are filled with a minimum 200bar/3000psi pressure, if not, just return the tank and get a new one! The water temperature ranges from 26C/80F in January to 29C/84F in July.

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Product category: Diving Trips

The boats of Magic Island Dive Resort

The boats we use at Magic Island are traditional Filipino boats known as ‘Bangka Boats’. They are long and narrow with bamboo outriggers to stabilize them in the ocean. This makes them very stable and a great platform to dive from. Most Bangkas are propelled with an old diesel truck engine, attached to a small propeller and steered with an even smaller rudder connected together with fishing lines and tie wraps. It is not the best design, loud, smelly, heavy and hard to steer, so we decided to bring the old and the modern together to have a winning design that is both comfortable, very traditional and still feels like you are diving in The Philippines. By adding an outboard engine to the back of the Bangka, it gives the Captain much better control, is much quieter and really increases the amount of available space.

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About us

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Magic Island Dive Resort is located in the quiet southern part of the Moalboal peninsula. From the resort we oversee the mountains of Cebu island. Nestled in between tropical gardens, there are 10 bungalows with private balconies waiting for you.

For the diving, we’ll take you to the most beautiful diving spots in Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. Walk from the dive center straight into the water, for a dive by day or night, on our fabulous house reef to see the famous mandarin fish, nudibranchs and/or many turtles. Diving in Moalboal offers you sights from XXS to XXL