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Kraszewskiego 25, 41-400 Myslowice

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boot 2020 hall map (Hall 16): stand D58

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boot 2020 fairground map: Hall 16

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  • 01  Boats and Yachts
  • 01.01  Sailing Boats & Yachts

Our products

Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Mariner 19

  • With nearly 6-meter boat, despite its small size and weight may surprise stability and the certainty in sailing. Equipped with a centerboard unit can function as a weekend or training.
  • A perfect solution for of persons taking participation in the race.
  • You can complete the Mariner 19 with spinnaker.
  • Presented boat race is nimble and fast.
  • Ease in shipping makes it desirable mainly by young people from sailing clubs.
  • The large cockpit can accommodate up to 6 people.
  • Vast space provides a place to store equipment sailing.
  • Racing successes of our designer who put particular emphasis on the nautical side of the yacht, guarantees above-average performance of Mariner 19.
  • It is extremely easy to transport.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Mariner 20

Our 6-meter boat, despite its small size and weight, may surprise with stability and confidence in handling. Equipped with a rotary sword, it can be used as a tourist, weekend or training unit. In the version equipped with a saber sword and larger sails, you can take part in the regatta. The version armed with a raised keel with a light bulb may be the smallest sea yacht. Regardless of the version, it will always be a crazy and brave sailboat, which thanks to its dimensions can be really easily transported behind an average passenger car. The Mariner 20 cabin is 100% used space to provide a minimum of four crew for comfort. Contains 4 large berths, two kitchen countertops (stove and sink) and a table on a sword box.

In the version with a sword or keel, you can hide under the chemical cockpit of the toilet. The yacht’s deck refers to the rest of our units. Large windows and a bow hatch provide excellent lighting and ventilation. The yacht’s rigging is a typical fractional construction. The yacht may be equipped with a sealing shaft, mast setting gate and other devices facilitating tourist navigation. The steering gear on the transom may be of the rotary or shaft type. The large cockpit prepared for active navigation is self-draining, equipped with two cabinets under the benches. The successes of the regatta of our designer, who put special emphasis on the sailing side of the yacht, guarantee above-average Mariner 20 performance.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Mariner 24

Mariner 24 – a yacht with many possibilities

We have prepared three options of our new yacht. The Standard version is a typical family or charter yacht with with a centerboard and ballast in the bottom and all the accessories convenient during safe sailing in the Masuria Lakeland area. The Marine version with a changeable keel which meets the high criteria of the B category and was prepared for those sailors who want to change the centerboard for a keel and have a taste of the sea without bearing high costs. The Sport version, which can take part in yacht races, with a heavy  daggerboard and extended sails for sailors who look forward to sport experience.
Each of the options of Mariner 24 is the perfect combination of safety, amazing sailing and easiness to steer. Its spacious interior can accommodate between 4 and 8 people depending on the version. There is room for a separate toilet, galley with a sink, cooker and a fridge. Big windows, entrance and the opening hatch in the bow provide plenty of light and ventilation. We can offer you different interior finishing options from laminated modules to customized wooden finish. Mariner 24 has a middle-sized cockpit open to the stern with lockers which can hold up everything that is needed on a yacht. Mariner 24 is a cruising yacht designed to combine spacious interior with overall dimensions allowing for car transport.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Mariner 26

Another model Mariner 26 connections for the most demanding customers will appear in the fleet with the “mariners” family. It will be a solution that combines the agility of the predecessor Mariner 24 and the convenience of Mariner 31.

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Product category: Sailing Boats & Yachts

Mariner 31

Two varieties of comfort

Our flagship model, depending on equipment and furnishing, is either a big, comfortable inland  sailboat or a typical sea yacht. The inland version is equipped with a centerboard and an internal bottom balast, a tiller and an engine fixed on transom. Of course on request we can change the tiller to  a steering wheel and fix a Disel sterndrive. The next step can be changing the centerboard and the balast to a keel which transforms the boat  into a sea yacht.

Regardless of the version Mariner 31 has a spacious and fully adaptable interior.

The aft bed can be lengthwise or transverse the interior, separated from the  saloon or not. In the forward there can be a cabin with a floor or a separated forward bed. It can suit everybody’s taste. The interior can accommodate even 8 crew members,and the galley can be equipped with a cooker, sink and fridge.
The deck of the yacht designed in a characteristic style is similar to the best yachts in this category.An ample number of windows makes the interior bright and well ventilated.

On request the yacht can be equipped with the main sail and jib furling system, electrical system of raising and folding the mast and the centerboard and other facilities which make using the yacht easier. The self-bailing cockpit is closed with a plank in the version equipped with a tiller and with a laminated seat in the version with a steering wheel.

Teak finishings in the cickpit add to the elegance of the yacht. A modern shape of the hull and rigging guarantee above average sailing performance.

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About us

Company portrait

“Mariner Yachts it`s a modern yacht shipyard . It was created by people over 25 years associated with the Polish sailing, having an extensive experience gained from the construction of yachts and sailing across multiple units and sea areas.

Luxury yachts our production leaving our Polish shipyard is 100% hand-made units sailboat. For more than 25 years with the greatest attention to the quality of the products we create constantly evolving our range of flagship models. All stages of production from the preparation of the project, lamination equipment installation take place on the spot, so we have continuity in the process of quality control at every stage of construction and finally we can do the test ditching of a water basin located at the production hall – The Dziećkowicki Lagoon.

In the production process of the yacht are open to suggestions and wishes of our customers with a for individual orders units. We also build units for their own needs for offering charter services. Currently, we have a modern fleet in Masuria District made for Charters .

Creating a family of fast and comfortable boats under the name MARINER we believe that, will satisfy expectations of experienced Polish and foreign sailors.

We also can store your boat during the winter, thus ensuring the safety of the service.

Thanks to our hard work and dedication Mariner Yachts models are already known throughout Europe. All models were designed by a young acclaimed by many experts in the industry and the press, an experienced sailor racing, having won several championships, one of the eminent Polish designer Wojciech Spisak. Through his projects, our units are not only sporty, but also classic elegance, ease use, the interior has been designed in a smart way to use the space as much as possible to get the most convenience for sailors.

In all boats we used products with the highest European standards,
safe materials with modern latest technology, according to customer specifications, guaranteed by the manufacturer assigned certificate of compliance with European Union directives – CE, so customers can be sure that the boat meets all quality requirements and safety.

We are proud of our company’s development and with co-financing from the EU funds can participate in a growing number of national and international trade fairs, so that through the promotion of our brand gaining an increasing number of agents, and thus, the final recipients.

Cordially invite you to visit our yard and the presentation of the boat on the water. You can test the chosen boat.