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Michael Körner

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Electric Boats / solar boats

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Switch Boards / Power Panels

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Sun Protection / Bimini Tops / Accessories

Our products

Product category: Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology

Made-to-measure solar systems

Modern production facilities in Italy with processes and machinery focussed on maximum flexibility and an experienced team of engineers allow us to design and manufacture the perfect solar system for your specific project. Processes have been optimized to a degree allowing to offer this without any extra charge in most cases.
A CNC cutting machine guarantees smallest tolerances and perfect fit – for final checks of the design we can provide 1:1 paper templates to check the dimensions and shapes.

Send us dimensioned sketches / drawings together with photographs of all areas you plan to use to generate power from sunlight. Our experts will then not only work out the perfect cell layout, but also place strings and bypass diodes together with selected MPPT charge regulators in a way allowing to maximize energy yield even in situations where shade covers parts of the system.

Concerning installation and wiring our team will assist to work out a solution that perfectly covers your needs. From deck-integrated invisible wiring to optimized waterproof junction box on the front- or backside of the panels: We will find a solution for any problem we may encounter during the design process.

For optical integration of the system we can provide a wide selection of fabric types and colors if the system should be mounted on textile surfaces - even the panel itself can be pigmented to fit textile covers, wood surfaces or yacht decks.

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Product category: Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology, Decking

Deck installations

SolbianFlex solar panels feature invisible wiring on the backside and a thickness of only 2mm – this makes them perfect for installation on boat decks, ensuring perfect integration in the optical appearance of modern yachts. If mounted on a solid surface, the modules are fully walkable, an optional nonskid finish makes working on the panels possible even in wet conditions.

We are happy to manufacture custom-sized solar systems, ensuring a perfect fit through modern CNC cutting machinery.

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Product category: Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology, Sun Protection / Bimini Tops / Accessories

Bimini / textile installations

SolbianFlex photovoltaic modules can be mounted directly on textile structures, using stainless steel eyelets, Tenax or zippers and velcro. The ultra-low weight of only 2,1kg/m² makes it possible to realize these installations without any alterations to the mechanic structure.

Multiple Sunbrella color options for the velcro cover are a perfect match for most textile structures.

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Product category: Batteries / Accessories, Battery Chargers, Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology

SolbianFlex ALLinONE with integrated charge regulator

The SP series, top of the SolbianFlex range, in an ALLinONE version: solar panel + charge controller. All the electronics you need is already packed into the rugged waterproof box: a sophisticated MPPT controller capable of boosting the voltage into the optimum charging curve for your battery.

The ALLinONE models can simply be combined by connecting each of them directly to your battery, each panel being completely independent from the others, thanks to the integrated charge controllers.

We are happy to announce that we are now also able to offer ALLinONE panels using our price-efficient SR- and SX series cells. These are – as an example – perfect for keeping your batteries full during storage and supplying enough energy for ventilation of the boat.

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Product category: Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology

SolbianFlex SP Series

SP series is at the top of the range, using selected SunPower™ monocrystalline silicon cells. These reach a record 24% conversion of sunlight into electricity and offer a pleasant appearance thanks to back-contact technology which hides the electrical contacts. SunPower™ cells represent the most advanced technology available on the market, making the SP Solbian panels the highest efficiency flexible panels currently available.

In 2019 the SP series has seen an update in cell technology, packing even more power into the same panel size!

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Product category: Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology

SolbianFlex SXX Series

Same size, more power: the SXX series comes at the same size of standard 6 inches cell panels but generates more power, thanks to its Silicon-based heterojunction solar cells (HJT) that offer more than 23% of efficiency. When compared with panels of the same nominal power, the SXX prove to harvest more energy due to HJT cells being intrinsically bifacial, an important feature especially when panels are encapsulated in a transparent sandwich and installed where indirect light can reach the rear of the panel. To top it all, HJT cells perform better than others in hot climates thanks to very low temperature coefficients.

In the SXX series the monocrystalline solar cells are electrically connected using ultra-thin copper wires that form a very fine mesh on the cell surface, resulting in thousands of contact points. This alternative to the standard bus-bar method allows a higher module power and increases the energy yield. A technology optimally suited to flexible modules, due to its intrinsic insensitivity to micro-cracks, that are the most common cause of energy loss in solar modules.

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Product category: Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology

SolbianFlex SR Series

The monocrystalline high efficiency SR cells are sandwiched by two patented “Merlin” metallic grids. One grid, on the front, is carefully tailored to optimize the current harvesting, while the grid behind the cell offers strong mechanical support. These grids essentially form a double shield that acts as a conducting reinforcement to the solar cell.

Extreme crack and bend tolerance are built in, enabling novel crystalline silicon architectures. A guaranty of high efficiency and unmatched durability in semi-flexible solar panels.

After their world premiere 2017 we have further optimized cell efficiency of the SR series. Strong demand for these panels, especially for installations on textile structures, encourages us in our strategy of continoously investing in research and development to stay at the cutting edge of technology.

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Product category: Renewable Energy / Solar Power Technology

SolbianFlex SX Series

In the SX series monocrystalline solar cells are electrically connected using ultra-thin copper wires that form a very fine mesh on the cell surface, resulting in thousands of contact points. This alternative to the standard bus-bar method allows a higher module power and increases the energy yield. A technology optimally suited for flexible modules due to its intrinsic insensitivity to micro-cracks, the most common cause of energy loss in solar modules.

Another advantage is a reduced sensitivity to shading, pushed to the extreme in the Guardian (G) models where additional bypass diodes are inserted thanks to an innovative cell layout. This new connection technology, together with the use of high efficiency silicon cells, makes SX panels especially powerful and reliable.

SolbianFlex SX-Series panels are mostly used in applications without high mechanical loads such as caravans and architectural installations.

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Company news




Jan 1, 2021

Hanse 575 sailing yacht – 610Wp SP series

The owner of this Hanse 575 decided on a full-black custom SP Series solar system, which was neatly integrated into the teak deck and provides a modern look.

As the yacht was far away from any of our technicians, a sister ship was digitized to ensure a perfect fit. 1:1 paper templates of the system design were then sent to the owner for a final check. This revealed that the teak pattern of the other Hanse 575 was slightly different, resulting in a couple of corrections. Without the templates it would have been impossible to find these issues prior to production of the solar panels.

As our pre-mounted adhesive is not a good solution for installation on teak, the panels have been installed using a thin layer Sikaflex, smoothly applied over the full surface. All wires run invisibly below the panels in the salon roof and from there to the batteries.

Three synchronized Victron SmartSolar MPPT controllers and optimized string layouts with 14 bypass diodes guarantee a high tolerance of partial shading, 610Wp usually cover all electrical needs at anchor.

Technical data:
Power: 610Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 8kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: AGM

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Dec 25, 2020

Alfastreet 23e cabin electric – 430Wp SXX series

The Alfastreet 23e electric with its hydraulic lifting roof looks like it has been designed to carry a solar system. We have designed a 430Wp array which blends into the shape of the roof and recharges even large battery banks for emission-free fun.

Due to its low weight, the system can be installed without any structural modification to the boat. All wiring is invisibly fed in-between the composite structure of the roof and through one of the lifting rods.

Instead of maintenance openings we chose to add two LED spots below the panels. This significantly improves the cockpit lighting, which usually only consists of small LED bands on the sides of the roof.

Two separate step-up MPPT controllers offer redundancy and high shadow tolerance. They charge the boat’s 48V battery, a DCDC converter is then used to keep the small 12V service battery topped up and provide solar power for fridge, music and lighting.

This solar system is available in three versions using different cell types: 394Wp (SX series), 414Wp (SR series, walkable) and 430Wp (SXX series). Even with the low-cost SX series solution it is strong enough to easily provide energy for 24/7 use of the fridge while charging the traction battery in short time. The energy yield in summer at 48V is approx. 30-50Ah.

All systems can be ordered directly at the shipyard when ordering a new boat or through us as a retrofit solution with detailed installation instructions.

Technical data:
Power: 430Wp
Panel series: SXX
Weight: 6kg
Battery voltage: 48V
Battery type: AGM

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Dec 18, 2020

Beneteau Yacht 62 – 1282Wp SP series

The hardtop and foredeck of this Beneteau Yacht 62 have been equipped with 1282Wp of made-to-measure Solbianflex SP series solar panels.

With 38 bypass diodes integrated into the laminate, strings optimized for local shadow sources and four synchronized Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers the system has been designed for maximum shadow tolerance. Shaded sections are bridged by the diodes so that the rest of the system keeps delivering the maximum possible electric current.

Detailed drawings from Beneteau Yachts made it possible to exactly work out the contours of the hard-top with the solar panels for the best possible use of space. A final check with our 1:1 paper templates was done directly onboard for optimization of wire positions.

The foredeck has been equipped with custom-made panels according to the installer’s manual measurements. Buttons for fixing the deck mattresses have been screwed through the solar panel laminate. Separately controlled PT and STB systems make it possible to mount one mattress while the other side keeps providing energy.

Full surface pre-mounted adhesive combined with our rear wires ensure an easy and efficient installation with perfect results. All panels are fully walkable and equipped with our structured frontsheet. This makes it possible to safely walk on them with boat shoes even in wet conditions.

Installation was done by our partner Robin Marine in Les Sables d’Olonne, France.

Technical data:
Power: 1282Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 21kg
Battery voltage: 24V
Battery type: AGM

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Dec 11, 2020

Jeanneau NC 33 – 462Wp SP series

Jeanneau NC 33 with integrated 462Wp Solbianflex SP custom solar system. Three synchronized MPP trackers and 12 bypass diodes ensure optimum performance even when partly shaded or obstructed by the sliding roof.

One of the main challenges of this project was the sliding roof which covers parts of the solar system when opened. To minimize the effects of this obstruction, the system has been split into three independent strings. In addition, bypass diodes have been integrated in these strings, bridging parts as they get shaded or covered so the rest of the panel keeps on working.

The three strings are controlled by Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers, which are synchronized using a smart bluetooth network. A wireless voltage and temperature sensor on the service battery optimizes the charge voltage to ensure the batteries are always receiving a perfect charge.

All wiring of this fully walkable system is fed through the roof directly below the panels. This not only makes the wires invisible from the outside, it also gives protection from the elements and neatly integrates the panels into the design of the yacht.

Technical data:
Power: 462Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 3kg
Battery voltage: 12V
Battery type: Gel

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Dec 4, 2020

Sunreef 58 catamaran – 1736Wp SP series

Made-to-measure solar system for a Sunreef 58 catamaran: 1.736Wp have been integrated into the aft Flybridge. After our digital templating process, the outlines and cable positions have been checked onboard using a printed 1:1 paper version of the system. 32 bypass diodes and five synchronized MPPT charge controllers ensure maximum shade tolerance.

As the shipyard couldn’t supply detailed drawings of the area, our technicians measured directly onboard. Once planning was completed, printed 1:1 templates were used for a final check of outlines and cable positions – crucial for a successful installation as there are many obstructions and stiffeners below deck.

Boom, sails and antennas will shade on the system on a regular basis. For this reason, 32 bypass diodes have been integrated in the system and string layouts have been optimized for shadow from these sources. Five Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers, synchronized via a wireless voltage and temperature sensor mounted on the battery, further optimize the energy yield.

The system has been mounted using pre-mounted adhesive, edges and gaps have been sealed with UV resistant elastic sealant. All wiring is led through deck directly below the panels using our rear wire solution. No wires are visible, they follow channels in the ceiling all the way to the technical compartment.

Technical data:
Power: 1736Wp
Panel series: SP
Weight: 28kg
Battery voltage: 24V
Battery type: AGM

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Nov 28, 2020

528Wp Solbianflex SX on classic river boat

The Randle is a 22m private river boat which can be booked for luxury cruises with Edge Charter.

528Wp Solbianflex SX panels with white pigmentation, smoothly integrated into the roof, provide clean energy without disturbing the classic charm and allow the use of electronic equipment onboard without the need to run the engine.

It can be chartered on

Technical data:
Power: 528Wp
Panel series: SX
Weight: 13kg
Battery voltage: 24V
Battery type: LiFePO4

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Nov 8, 2020

Vendée Globe 2020: more sustainable with solar power

The ninth edition of the Vendée Globe starts on November 8th from the French port of Les Sables-d'Olonne. Foundedin 1989, the yacht-race takes place every four years and is considered the Everest of the Seas, in fact, participants endure a solo, non-stop round the world without assistance.
Energy is an essential aspect onboard, thus boats must be equipped with autonomous systems as lightweight as possible to keep them efficient and competitive.

Boris Herrmann, one of the entrants in the 2020 Vendée Globe, has installed on his boat Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco a 1149 Wp photovoltaic system, built by Solbian and using two different cell types - SP cells in the center and SX cells on the side decks, altogether weighing only 24,5kg including pre-mounted adhesive. A boat that totally relies on renewable energy to support the fight against climate change and to raise awareness on ocean health.
“Our deck-integrated Solbian solar panels have proven to be very effective in the race preparation. Together with the hydro generator they keep the boat's batteries charged without the need to carry fuel for generation of electric energy – during the Vendée Globe this will be a direct contribution to the race performance. From an ecological standpoint, the system will play a crucial role in completing this challenge without the use of any fossil fuels." says Boris Herrmann.
Relying on a sustainable and safe source of energy is a necessity shared also by Didac Costa, Catalan at his second Vendée Globe.
780Wp of panels mounted on One Planet One Ocean, to provide enough power for the on-board equipment.
For the Spanish sailor, this competition is not just a personal challenge, but also an opportunity to inspire sea lovers to commit to sustainability and social inclusion: One Planet One Ocean is in fact the campaign carried out by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, focusing on environmental research.
“Having reliable solar panels in a round the world race is an extraordinary advantage. In terms of performance, it allows me to charge most essential equipment without having to carry the weight of extra fuel for the engine. And what's even better is that it is environmentally friendly. That's why I am so happy to be partnering with Solbian during this Vendée Globe” says Didac Costa.
The Finnish sailor Ari Huusela chose 390Wp of SP series solar panels, with back-contact monocrystalline silicon cells reaching a record 24% conversion of sunlight into electricity.
“In a race such as the Vendée Globe - single-handed, non-stop and unassisted around the world - energy management is an utterly important aspect, thus you need to equip your boat with solutions that can withstand the most extreme conditions.
The solar panels that I have installed on board have been designed and tested for the marine environment, are lightweight and will be an essential source of clean energy to address on-board consumption." says Ari Huusela.
Starting from Sunday, November 8 at 12.02pm Boris Herrmann, Didac Costa and Ari Huuseela will have to sail more than 20,000 miles to complete this challenge, their journey can be followed on the official website of the regatta.
About Solbian Energie Alternative s.r.l.
Since 2007 Solbian has been manufacturing flexible solar panels in the Avigliana facility, in the province of Turin. More than 60.000 panels sold, over 1000 projects accomplished and a distribution network that has reached 72 countries around the world. Highly customizable in terms of color, shape and number of cells, Solbianflex panels are particularly suitable for sailboats, but they are equally valuable in electric mobility, caravans and campers, trekking, tents and mountain huts, emergency structures and building integrated projects.

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About us

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SOLBIAN Solar offers the most efficient flexible solar panels on the market - custom-made for your project.

The sense of freedom, the rushing wind and water. Experiencing the sea on a yacht moving in perfect harmony with nature is a passionate experience.

Since 2007, the same passion has been driving Solbian to produce Solbianflex photovoltaic panels: Innovative, flexible, light and highly efficient. They provide energy where it is needed, a natural and environmentally-friendly source.

Giovanni Soldini was one of the first sailors to choose Solbianflex panels for his adventurous oceanic crossings, testing their quality and reliability in the harsh conditions on board.

Solbianflex panels are particularly suited for marine use, but they are equally suited to applications in electric mobility, caravans and campers, trekking, tents and mountain huts, emergency structures and building integrated projects.

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