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Sailing-Classics GmbH

Kirchheimer Str. 60, 70619 Stuttgart
Telephone +49 711 6749600
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Our products

Product category: Sailing Cruises/Traditional Sail Boats/Tall Ships

Sailing trip: Whales & Dolphins

Whales & Dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar: A fascinating sailing trip between two continents full of contrasts.

Why are there so many marine mammals in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world?

Every day about 300 seagoing ships pass through the strait between the impressive Rock of Gibraltar on the European (not part of the EU) side and the much larger Mount Moses in Morocco (Spain has the enclave of Ceuta there on the African side and this is part of the EU).

The highly endangered marine mammals mainly stay there because the water that is constantly flowing into the Mediterranean Sea flows in a depth of approx. 40 - 80 m over a threshold located between Tangier and Tarifa and behind it, where it gets up to 800 m deep, nutrient-rich deep sea water is swirled up (a so-called upwelling). This nutrient-rich water forms the basis for an extraordinary abundance of fish and this in turn is the food for marine mammals, especially striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and also sperm whales, which always live there. But also for passing orcas or killer whales (in May and June on the tracks of tuna) and fin whales, which move on to the Mediterranean Sea.

Together with the foundation firmm - founded by the Swiss Katharina Heyer - and their marine biologist Jörn Selling we are looking for whales to watch - despite the shipping traffic. We let the animals decide for themselves if they want to swim very close to the boat or if they prefer to move on. So far and we have been sailing in the Strait of Gibraltar for 10 years and have almost always met marine mammals - yes sometimes these (pilot whales) even come very close to the boat, show their babies and sometimes even splash the guests wet - incomparably intense moments that you never forget.

But also otherwise this region is very exciting. Depending on the weather and wind we sail to Cadiz, perhaps the oldest city in Europe, past Cape Trafalger, before which Nelson beat the French/Spanish fleet on October 21, 1805. Or we make a detour to Morocco and the Marina Smir and a bus trip to the old town of Tetuan, the city which is completely surrounded by a mud city wall. It is one of the most exciting regions in the world.

Just the thing for curious people..

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Product category: Sailing Cruises/Traditional Sail Boats/Tall Ships

Sailing & Volcanoes

To see the effects of the unconcealable violence of a volcanic eruption or even to experience small eruptions at Stromboli or Etna is one of the most impressive things we humans can experience.

Our sailing cruises to volcanically very active zones, such as the Aegean (Santorini), Sicily (Etna) and the Lipari Islands (Stromboli) and also the Bay of Naples, offer many opportunities for excursions and experiences to learn even more about these natural spectacles and experience them first hand.
For example, on Stromboli you can have dinner on board while 100 m next to the sailing ship at the Sciara del Fuego glowing lava lumps roll into the sea and the water boils.

In the Caribbean along the Lesser Antilles and especially in the northern part of the Lesser Antilles, from Martinique to Antigua, there is a variety of volcanism, which in combination with the tropical vegetation is very impressive and especially on the island of Montserrat you can see with your own eyes, the city of Plymouth, which was destroyed only a few years ago by a phyroclastic flow.

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Product category: Sailing Cruises/Traditional Sail Boats/Tall Ships

Sailing & History

The whole Mediterranean region is full of history and the origin of our civilization.

Whether the Genoese in Sardinia and Corsica, the Venetians in the Adriatic or the early Greeks on Santorini (Arkrotiri), whether Staufer in Sicily or Nelson and Lady Hamilton in Naples. Our guides will explain the historical background and context of the region we are cruising in and visit - often spontaneously - historical sites along the way.

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About us

Company portrait

Sailing-Classics - authentic sailing with comfort & service

I think it was in 1998 when I first visited the 'Voiles de Saint-Tropez' as a tourist and saw an incredibly beautiful ship, the J-class yacht Endeavour... I was so enraptured that I would have given absolutely anything to be allowed to sail on this ship. But such mega yachts were and are usually only rented out completely as a whole ship (full charter).
The idea of organising sailing trips on large, real sailing yachts for individual bookers or as cabin charters then haunted my mind for years. In 2005 I had a change of career and the opportunity to do something completely new. It was clear to me that this would have to do with sailing and with this concept, because sailing has fascinated and occupied me since my childhood...

With many sketches and ideas I went to Klaus Röder (Carpe Diem Yacht Design). He later confessed to me that he found the idea quite crazy. Nevertheless, he drew me a beautiful hull, that of the first yacht KAIRÓS. He also drew the hulls of CHRONOS and RHEA. With my construction description I finally ended up at a Turkish shipyard in Bodrum and a very young naval architect named Ayberk as project manager, who later went into business for himself and finished the KAIRÓS.

Before that, the Swabian had the great fortune to meet an upright northern light. Barbara promised quite naively to help me and still manages sales, marketing and PR of Sailing-Classics.
However, the start in 2007 was more than bumpy. We had rig damage in the Caribbean and then in 2009 the KAIRÓS hit a reef off Corsica. We still managed, partly because many customers - some I didn't even know - left their deposits and said: "You fix it and we'll come back...". And Ayberk fixed it. The insurance company also paid at some point. And from the new start in 2010, things went steadily uphill, with many guests coming back again and again!

In 2012 we succeeded in finding further investors, founding the new Sailing-Classics CV and starting the construction of the CHRONOS. Today after commissioning the RHEA we have over 60 employees (some part-time) and Mariusz, our oldest employee, rightly says: "We share many stories..."

But ships are very capital-intensive and the operation and logistics in the many cruising areas are very complex. Also the marketing of such a niche product is consulting-intensive and costly. So there is still a lot to improve. But even after ten years, the enthusiasm of our guests and the commitment of our crews keep us sailing..

Andreas Steidle-Sailer