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Company news



15 Nov 2022

Takayak 395 - The unique Catamaran Kayak

Kayaking redesigned - Takayak-395/300 - the newly designed kayaks from Takacat offer advantages for all those who do not want to do without comfort and unique functionality when kayaking. As a catamaran, a stable position in the water, a ride as if on two rails, boarding and disembarking via the open bow is effortless, even out of the water back into the kayak, plenty of space for dogs and luggage travelling with you and a unique forced bilge.

Generous continuous loading area
The numbers 395 and 300 describe the total length of the two Takayaks. But much more interesting is the usable length of the inner high-pressure floor of 370cm (395) or 275cm (300), with a continuous width of 42cm. So the Takayak offers plenty of loading space for one person (300) or 2 persons (395) with luggage, parents with children or for one/two persons with one or more dogs.

29cm driving tubes with runners
The two driving tubes with their 29cm diameter are well proportioned for a maximum load of up to 260/160Kg (395/300) and are powerfully supported by the large-surface high-pressure floor. The lower connecting floor between the two drive hoses, which are equipped with runners, additionally protects the inner high-pressure floor in case of grounding and during landing.

10PSI "Drop-Stitch" high pressure floor
The 8cm thick high-pressure floor can be inflated with an operating pressure of up to 10PSI = 689mbar thanks to its drop-stitch technology. This creates a stable platform and shields the entire seating and loading area from the water surface.

3 air chambers + safety pressure relief valves
Each driving hose is equipped with a Halkey-Roberts valve at the stern and an overpressure safety valve at the bow. Accidental over-pumping of the tubes is therefore impossible and harmful pressure increases due to strong sunlight are also avoided. The Takayak-395/300 has a total of 3 independent large-volume air chambers.

Catamaran design = open bow and stern
The open bow and stern create a forced bailing effect. Water penetrating the Takayak-395/300, e.g. from an overflowing wave or heavy rain, immediately escapes again; no bilge valve can realise such a bilge capability. Another advantage is that it is easy to return out of the water. This does not require any elaborate safety and re-entry training.

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13 Nov 2022

Takacat - HD-Series - Heavy-Duty Water Rescue Boats

The Takacat models 340LX-HD, 380LX-HD, 420LX-HD and 460LX-HD are available as heavy-duty versions for water rescue and other operations under difficult conditions. In the heavy-duty version, the Takacats are made of 1.2mm/1450 weight RESC (red/dark blue) thick PVC fabric, alternatively 1.5mm/1750 weight MIL (black) thick PVC fabric or alternatively 1mm Hypalon/CSM. The top of the both tubes is double reinforced with a wide strip of PVC skin to protect against heavy uniforms.

The heavy-duty high-pressure floor has a full-surface and all-round PVC protective coating with an additional layer on the top (2mm) so that the boat can be walked on with heavy footwear without any problems and carrying heavy equipment is no problem.

The heavy-duty transom, made of 2mm stainless steel square tube plus 50mm thick PE1000 transom plates with additional stainless steel reinforcement, can be fitted with a maximum of a 15 or 20hp outboard motor, depending on the model. Thanks to the open bow, a transfer from the water into the boat can be carried out much more easily than with inflatable boats with a bow bulge. Divers can also return to the boat more easily. The open transom allows water that inevitably flows into the boat during a rescue operation to run off again immediately, and the same applies to wave action and heavy rain.

The open bow is optimally suited for dog squadrons with water detection dogs. The water detection dogs do not have to lie over a bow bulge. They can simply lie down on the high-pressure floor and are thus at an optimal distance from the water surface. In combination with an electric outboard, the dogs are not disturbed by exhaust fumes and excessive noise. In addition, an electric outboard, e.g. the Travel 1103CS from Torqeedo, can be set very precisely to the optimum search speed of 5Km/h.

Due to the catamaran construction, the Takacat can also be used for ice rescue in winter, the same applies to the heavy-duty high-pressure floor. Optionally, a GRP floor can be used instead of the high-pressure floor.

The Takacat catamaran inflatable boats of the "Heavy-Duty" LX series are custom-made, i.e. special customer requests can be included in the production.

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